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Aug 1, 2008
TroEm TroEm
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ChipMeUp talk / Trying to get started

Hello guys, first of all to the admins, pretty nice site and very well set up =)

I would really like to set up a 5x $12 45 man SnG series and was really hoping to get helped by anyone here on how to get started, unfortunately I have no current funds on stars and on paypal only have $1.80, though minimum transfer in here is $20 so I can't send it in either, unless I get the ChipMeUp paypal email address.

Its all a big mess but due to some private issues I will not be able to load funds online for some time, but at the same time I know I can build my way up from a starting series like stated above.

Can anyone please help me set this up and see how we can get it sold please?

Thanks in advance guys,