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Hello All :)

My names Stuart, Im from Northern Ireland (UK) . Played poker for a few years now.

Love to meet new people, im a talker and never shut up :) Im always joking around so if your a serious person, probs be best not to talk to me.

I love to invest in people (without even looking at stats)  I did mess up in the past which I have sorted all out. So hopfully this is a new start.

I love Omaha cash games, strangely I usually win at them :p I hate getting rivered, happens to me a million times a day, So im getting use to it now :)

I always give my best when playing. Im a better omaha cash game player than I am in tourneys/sngs. Im a much better live player than online poker.  I still talk alot live though :)

Prae made me put this info in and might I add hes a very cool guy :)

Good luck on the tables

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PokerStars Omaha Cash game 
24 Jul 2011 10:00
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31 Mar 2011 01:00
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30 Mar 2011 02:00
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20 Mar 2011 14:00
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