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hello , im sparkes25 but you can call me sparkes25.


i have been staking on another site for a few months and everyone seems to have jumped over to here, so i joined them.



i like playing sng's on pokerstars, 45-180 players, $1-15 buy-ins with the odd $35 when im brave.

i also like playing mtt's that have bounties, and i have hit a few winners.

im not really a online cash game player but i play a lot of live cash and small mtt's (30-100 players).

i record everything i do online and keep good records

i use hm2 around 40% of the time but not always.


about me......

33 year old fella, from nottingham uk , wife = 1, kids = 2,

i like football (portsmouth fc), eating (but im not fat) and annoying my wife.

i have very strange taste in music, hardstyle to jpop

i am very lazy 90% of the time but once i have a target i will work at it for every hour god sends.


just to save me posting it in every event,  here is a thread from the past, $10 stake that went tits up and has been following me like a bad smell since.


i guess it would be the same as a "tell" on this site.











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30 Apr 2014 08:00
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09 Apr 2014 00:00
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