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My name is Rounder and I live in Alabama.  I have been playing poker for 16 years now.  I live in Alabama so i mostly grew up playing home games, but once online hit, I felt like Superman was born. I recently decided to start working online from home, which gives me time to dedicate my time to playing online poker.  I play nlh and omaha.  I like to stream, but my page isnt professional yet.  I am looking for someone to help with that and am willing to throw shares or cash your way. 


My poker goals are to play online poker and invest in other poker players as a full time job.  I am currently working on an affiliate website.  I dont want to put it here just yet but i will have it in my profile once i get approval and the site is ready. 


My largest wins have came live.  I did win about 15k in 30 days on Equity Poker Network and another 30k on 5dimes. 


My first tournament Victory was on Thanksgiving of 2005 on FullTilt for a whopping $1098


Check me out on sharkscope



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