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Hello,                                                                                                                                                                                                     My name is Donnie and I live in Louisville Kentucky. I'm 46 years old and I have done concrete work for 37 years. I got hip to poker being a pretty popular game back in the early 2000's and COUND NOT BELIEVE that in order to play all the poker I wanted; all I needed was a compter. That to me was completely unreal. I thought wow, sit at home in my boxers and play poker and smoke a hooter...This seemed very attractive to me.. Even though I was a fish at the time, the stakes were moderate and I cashed checks. I fell in love, and still am.

  I remember playing at Paradise Poker and then later I played at Party Poker. During this time my luck showed through and I cashed checks even though I found solid reason to call a pre flop raise with K7 in most situations. LOL. Thats new for ya ! Lol. But anyway, I cashed checks and made money and could not believe. And now that I know what I know, I still can't believe it. Lol.

  Since those days I have found new and different poker sites and not running with the same bankroll as I did in those days. Back then, I ran two business' and had money to play in stakes that could quite possibly pay some bills...ya know...! In todays world I play micro stakes at ACR and still have a passion for the game but would very much like to get out of the micros and play for stakes that can pay bills. I spend an unlimited amount of time grinding for something like the .02 - .05 game...what a joke. And what a waste of time for a guy who has dicipline in the big game and at a time when my game came around and my money was still stong, I crushed those game's on most nights and left e-v-e-n when I did'nt. NOT what I'm going through now. I, like some other players have low stastical rates because of my freerolls, that I often times come up short in. But I don't donk. I don't make horrible call's and I have laid down boats. My decision's in the games I play in now I do sometimes play bad, run bad, you know the story...





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