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WarningThis user's account is currently LOCKED
Reason: Fyi because another topic is locked and banned with as a reason frequent spam to swap request.

This Jaap de Lau from Eersel owes at least 1400 $ to 5 people (including us: 400 $)
So the ban should be: SCAM!

Even after admitting that he scamt he continues to lie and play online and worse, in recent days he just still approached dozens of people via Skype and whatsapp and open topic under the name Geert (also banned here and on the other side)

Meanwhile, I have sent messages to his family in attempt to get the money back, but be warned, this guy is really sick! Block it wherever you can he t try other names via Skype and stuff.

We advise that you do not buy or sell stakes with this user unless you can trust them.
If you are this user and would like to contest this, please contact us via email

Current status: happy (2 years ago)

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Last Login 25-Nov-2018
Signup Date 11-Sep-2014
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<font><font>Jaapjwz@gmail.comJapie uit Eersel South!</font></font>

<font><font>weet je</font></font>

<font><font>Place Dominator! (Een van de grootste hardcore festivals in Europa)</font></font>


<font><font><font> <font> Snapchat: Japiefromirsul </ font> </ font></font></font>

<font><font><font> <font> Instagram: Jdlpowner / Afvalgoalsjdl </ font> </ font></font></font>

<font><font><font> <font> Eigen website: </ font> </ font></font></font>


<font><font><font> <font> Online naam: </ font> </ font></font></font>

<font><font><Font> <font> Jdlpowner </ font> </ font></font></font>


<font><font>Geen professional</font></font>

<font><font>Maar focus altijd op!</font></font>


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