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Hello, my name is mike.  I am guitarhero27 from  I started playing there once I got backed 100$ by PSU11.  I started in cash games plo hi and nl holdem .1 .2 stakes micro cash games and bought in for a dollar.  I played that consecutively passionately and determined for weeks/months before i could make out profit and be able to move to another bankroll management level stake of .2 .4 where i used 100 buyins equivitable to my buyin value and did that till I could bankroll manage to .5 .10 I did every single level of cash games 6 ring 9 ring 4 handed and heads up till I could bankroll managing successfully invest profit to use bankroll to climb to another stake to conquer.  I went through .1 .2, .2.4,.,.10.25..  I stayed at 25/50 where I esstentially only stayed in the high stakes cash games of 25/50 5000$ buyin to keep using bankroll management.  I climbed and soared the bankroll to 150,000$.  I also played high stakes games of 300/600 fixed limit holdem.  also played high roller multi table tournaments. and played sngs as well.  When I went to cashout in 2015 it was unsuccessful kept playing a bit more, and then one day site just shut down.  Everywhere, I read its saying ponzi scheme.  I am here because I am trying to earn a bankroll through a backer/stake.  I plan on using bankroll management, utilizing essential poker skills, and maintaining sobriety while playing, as drinking alcohol could only inhibit/lack control of the player during the game.  I would like to be backed on  I would appreciate the time someone took to read/back me I appreciate everyones time and patience. And please consider me as a valuable strong assest as a horse for a backer. Please back me have good day Mikael.Please consider me as a valuable and essential assest in a horse.  Kind regards, mike.

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11/12/2018 9:21 from 4:30-9:21pm been grinding 20 cents that I acquired in a freeroll on ACR.  Turned it into $11.60 at a heads up plo hi cash game table.  turned another .40 cents into $23.66 at a 6man .02/.05 plo hi cash game 6 man table and won 4th in a event series #1/series 2 for 4th place! keep up to date with me and my progress as I turn a free bankroll into a HUGE score!

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