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Hey, what's up everyone? My name is Shawn, a student at UIC in Chicago, IL. I've been playing poker for the past four years. I've played a lot online, 6 max and heads up. Within the past year, I have played majority of heads up ring games and turbo sngs on pokerstars under the name 9yroldgenius. I am a member of and formerly a member of Cardrunners. I have learned A LOT within the past four years playing high volume of heads up. I am confident playing up to the 57.50$ head up sngs for now. I have played higher, but it ended in a bad result, which was going busto at 1/2 after running up $400 deposit up to over 5K within less than two months during November and December of 2009. Since then, I just recently gained my confidence. I felt like never playing again up until recently, but would like to move forward and do as I plan which would be to play within the bankroll at all times and quit as soon as I feel the slightest bit frustrated. This is so important at heads up. I've learned that there are going to be regulars at the 1/2 stakes and above, who have deep pockets and have a main objective; putting u on tilt, which will cause u to play for ego and make some bad decisions. I am finally feeling confident and would like to begin playing head up sngs on FTP since FTP seems softer than stars. I am looking for a staking arrangement/deal. Any conversation would even be great. I always try to pick up things from good players. PM me if ya would like to chat. Later


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