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Current status: trying to seek out a permanent backer :) (almost 7 years ago)

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hey guys.. im luke...

fairly new to pokerstars, only played about 20 games or so in the 180 man turbos.. but had some good success in them :) so far ive played probably 10 or so 180 man turbos mostly 2.50s and 8.00s but they have been super fun! so far im up about $200 in those coz i ran a good 3rd yesterday in an 8.00 and a 3rd in a 2.50.. so im pretty happy with my first day at pokerstars :)

usually i play mtts but im just trying to build a banroll to play with atm, in the 180 man turbos :)


im loving the turbos at the moment, so i think ill stick to those untill i have the br to play the higher stakes :)

obviously my sample size is tiny, and your probably unsure as to what i can really do, but i guess for now ill have to prove myself worthy of your stake!


thanks to anyone who is considering staking me and i look forward to trying to make us some money!!







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PokerStars $150 for 60%, read description! great value!!! 
24 Jul 2012 05:40
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PokerStars $11 2r1a great potential, first event :D 
23 Jul 2012 04:44
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