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I'm Tourny regular and I have done marginally well at SnGs. Sharkscope/OPR/TopShark: Stormandin. I've got maybe 2k profit at tourneys in general, but that's it. The stats are ok but they are mostly from like 6 months or when I am donking around at 1 dollar games, so take it with some salt.

Right now I want to try getting into some MTSnGs, so looking for a stake for a set volume of tournaments at the 45s 180s turbos at the $6.5 or $12 level, and I should be able to get a decent volume in pretty quickly. I post regularly in the SSNL/uNL forums, and I might be able to get a few references that I don't suck at the pokerz. No staking/transaction history, but I can show you how I roll and everything. I just want to get staked because I'm really into the MTT variance thing.

Please pm if interested.

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09 Feb 2009 12:15
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