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Hi, I am a female Poker-Player from Germany.
I know this nice site from User "shmendic", a buddy from www. (my steady used Poker- Forum)

I play online-poker (nlh and mixed games prefered, also razz cash game) since 2007.
And since 2009 I also take part in real live poker, like casino cash games and smaller tourneys, also EPT side events and there took my lessons well ;-).

Once I was able to win a tourney in Hamburg, but it was not a cash prize tourney (not allowed outside Casinos).

In 2010 so far my focus was on live-events, because I traveled to PCA Bahamas, EPT Berlin (was in the ladys Event during robbery ^^), EPT Monte Carlo. A friend (Madwin1) played the main events and i joined him.

I did not catch a so far, thats a main reason, why my stats went down 2010. (shooting with peanuts on elephants...)
The Vegas- Trip is booked from 2.-16.July 2010.

At the moment my real live takes to much time to grind more often and so i cashed out at most rooms.

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