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Thanks for checking out my profile!


My name is Cody and I'm 32 years young. I work full time in the VoIP telecommunications industry where I build and program business phone solutions across the U.S. Prior to "working for the man" for the last 2 years, I ran my own poker house 6 nights a week, and played mostly online for about 6-7 years. In the early stages of my online poker grind I was your typical "break even" player, so I decided to figure out what the online pros knew that I didn't. I found a Tier 1 coach who added me to his stable, and this is when online poker for me changed forever! I started off in the $1.10 45 man turbo SNG world running 10 tables, and quickly progressed, running 20-30 tables at the $6.50-$12.00 range. I would run about 100 tourneys a day, with a few MTTs on the side. I was using Table Ninja and HEM both to help with the volume and stat tracking as well. Even though I can't run this type of volume in todays world, I can still run plenty of tourneys with a mix of SNGs and MTTs together. I am not new to the staker/player world, just the chip me up forums. I understand the importance of keeping good communication with my backer and also understand long term player/staker relationships! If you add me to your stable you will not regret it! Lets make some money and climb up to the top levels together! 

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