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My name is Duc and would like a chance at being regularly staked in low buy in freeze outs (75<).

I've been an on again / off again player for about 2 years now. I've supported myself through poker for that time (college student). In the small/moderate amount of mtt's ive played in that span I've been a winning player. Mostly internal debates on whether I wanted to be a online poker player during my senior year of high-school/fresh year of college and misunderstanding of good cashout strategy has prevented me from becoming a regular grinder.

Why am I not staking myself? I've always had a fair bit of bankroll management issues. Namely I've played in higher fixed limits of stud8 (10/20- 30/60) ((200/400 when on tilt)) with moderate success. After a recent particular tough session I decided to cash out the remainder of my roll (~~20k) in preparation to finance an upcoming summer session at McGill.

I consider myself to be on par with the mtt grinders of these limits, and am eager to really put in significant volume this fall/winter/spring.

Don't hesitate to PM for any details, I haven't been playing this year at all and am looking for a new start up oppurtunity.



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