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I am Markus from Germany, 34 Years old and a motivated low stakes (NL100/200) cashgame player. I am selfemployed now and studied computer sience at TU Darmstadt. Since Sep. 2008 i am the proud dad of a wonderfull son.

I am starting to get into MTTs and will be looking to sell/buy some shares mostly for 50+$ and major events on Pokerstars. I hope CMU will help me to cope with the variance of MTTs and i can prove the trust of my backers with some good results.

I play poker for almost 4 years now and financed my last year at college playing poker. I started with FL Holdem up to 5/10 in 2006. 2007 I changed to NL and play depending on the availibitity of good tables NL200 and regulary NL100 at Stars.

I have a german poker blog where I post about my life and poker.

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