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Hi ChipMeUppers,
Who Am I?
For the last two years I have been a staked MTT grinder playing mid-high stakes, and I am also a coach and training vid creator for several major sites including PokerStrategy, FloatTheTurn & Bluefire. I have also coached for several stables including Stability Staking and Global Staking. I coach a lot privately as well, and if you have a membership on one of those sites you can check out my vids. If not there's some slightly older content I did for Pokertube free to view - will link to something below. Read on for results / references etc. below.
My stats for all my SNs for the stakes I will be grinding:
These are my stats for $0-109 which is 95% of my volume lifetime. Get an up-to-the-minute version of this by Sharkscope searching Player Group LuckyLukeGrind.
I am running poorly over a small sample of <1k shots at higher games, but with a lot of close calls such as my 13th place finish in the Warm Up last year. As a result I am now only including the SM, the WU and a $200 Party major in my schedule over $110s, everything else will be $27-110 across which I have proven solid results over a good sample.
What Am I Doing Here?
I'm going to be selling up to 50% of most of my action for all grind nights for a limited time, after which the % will come down. I intend to remain active in the marketplace for the foreseeable future. For now I will sell some privately, keep some action myself, and play every set regardless of how much % I sell.
Anytime an investor wishes to roll over winnings into a future package that will be readily available, and once I get up and running I'll plan to have 2-3 packages running every week, including every single Sunday. Sunday grinds will be big (regging 10hrs).
My Situation:
I worked with Fedor Holz as a part of his stable for almost two years. Fedor is currently leading P5s and top for online profit 2014 after his truly sick year. I feel my game has come on a great deal in working as part of his stable. My main buy-in range has been $5-110, with a small selection of soft $215 shots on Sundays. coach mental game as well as MTT strat, and I have a decent zen anti-tilt mojo going on.
I can of course provide references from both Fedor, a bunch of respected mid-high stakes MTT regs, and my employers in poker training such as Jon Little @ FloatTheTurn. I have some old marketplace threads from when I sold some small stuff back in the day before I started getting regularly staked, but by far the best guarantee of my honesty is my reputation in the community. You can expect prompt feedback and cashbacks from me in all cases. I'm also happy to speak to any investors on Skype, feel free to add ask for my Skype by PM.
Some of my vids:
My game has progressed a great deal in the past year, and I am confident my ROI is substantially higher than my posted stats show. If you happen to be interested in how close I got to getting away with the HS shots, see below! :P #lolvariance
1st in Hotter $75 for $27k
2nd in Bigger $22 for $19k 
13th in Sunday WarmUp
6th in FTP $215 Major
9th in 100e Major
6th in Bigger $162
12th in Bigger $109 (twice!)
and many more...(there will be sweats!)
Any questions, fire away. 
Good luck, and thanks for reading.
CLIFFS: Buy my action, kthxbai



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