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As a young guy I worked in a Booger Factory. I did not earn Money but I could eat as much as I liked.

I had a short stay in the Shoe Design Business. But I wasn't really succesfull. I do not why. Here my Hipster design:


Than i worked as an Astronaut, coze I really really wanted to be on Uranus.

After that I became an Car engineer. I invented the Sunroof Window Coze I believed People need more legroom.

Than I worked as a whining buddy in our local casino. Poker Players would come to me and could whine about their bad beat stories. By that I fastly builded up a bank roll and a serious misanthropic attitude. But now I could start with Poker myself.

I Fastly developed an hypergressive play. Which means if u call me on the river I punch in the nose.

Sometimes its really unlucky. When I have AA there is always an A on the flop.

The worst Bad Beat is sitting on Big Blind have AA and evryone folds.

My Strategy is to play any two Under the Gun when pointed at my head. I always have Pot odds, coze its odd if one doesn’t have Pot in the house.

My tournament strategy is to start amazingly weak and diminish very fast.

This is my Equity Calculation over 1.000.0000.0000,00 Hands:


When people say Poker is like chess, i answer no Poker is not really realy boring.

How I win hands?  ... mhm ... how does a Cow make milk out of Gras?


Finally the important stuff, my tournament Results. Aikon007 told they are equal to export price development of norwegian salmon so I just post that:



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