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Hi my name is Kalle from Sweden.

I started playing poker about 1,5 years ago, homegames with friends and im loving it. I watch alot poker shows and read forums to increase my knowledge in the game, i always want to get better no matter what it is, but especially in poker. I consider myself as competitive, i have played e-sport games at younger age with success.

Im found this awesome site with great people and opportunity for me to get to play even more games when my bankroll dont allow me to put in big volume.

My goal here is to meet new friends and climb the ladder so i in the end can play higher stakes after i feel comfortable in low buyin. Aswell as i want to make a lot $ for stakers and myself!


Note: My pokerstarsnick has a special character in it and that messed up the process of getting my pokerstarsaccount linked to CMU. I have made transfer(s) between my pokerstars and CMU accounts.



Small history marks:

$4.40BIG 15/6200

$11          6/439


I hope to have a nice deals with you and big winnings!

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