US/EST: 05 Dec 2021 02:05

ChipMeUp Result Verification

To improve buyer confidence, ChipMeUp has a result verification section on every event.

Once a result has been entered, ChipMeUp users can take a screenshot of the result of any event and upload it for everyone to see. This gives all users confidence that the event has been played and the results are correct.

A few things to remember:

  • Sellers cannot upload a screenshot for their own events, each event must be independantly verified.
  • Try to keep the screenshots as small as possible, window screenshots are preferred over full desktop (use Alt-Print Screen instead of Print Screen and save as .JPG or .PNG NOT .BMP).
  • Results must be verified within 30 days of the events results being entered.
  • If the result is incorrect, leave the "Seller entered correct result" checkbox blank and give a reason in the note field (warning: the note field is public and can be seen by everyone).


How to take a screenshot in Windows
How to take a screenshot in Mac OSX