US/EST: 07 Aug 2020 20:27

On the Button

'On the Button' is a great new way of giving your event maximum exposure to ChipMeUp users. Get your event seen by many more people by using this tool to promote your event. 'On the Button' banners appear at the top of every ChipMeUp page.

'On the Button' is the best way to get other people seeing your event and maximising the chances of selling shares. It's also a cool place to boast about your big win if you want everyone to see how much money you won in a previous event.

There is a small fee to make your event 'On the Button' and you purchase a 48 hour block of time where your event will appear in this location. You could increase the price of your shares to cover the cost of this fee.

On every page load two 'On the Button' events are loaded at random and we cycle between the two. The pricing of this feature will vary based on availability.