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Classic Twitch Poker Moments

posted by admin, almost 6 years ago (14 Feb 2016 05:10)


Classic Twitch Poker Moments
Twitch poker has been booming over the last couple of years and we've been searching the web for some of the best clips. 
The beauty of twitch is that it's live and unpredictable, anything can happen and there's no production crew guiding the way. 
Here's some of our favourite clips and we can't wait to see what's coming in the next few years.
Which one is your favourite?

Psychic Pav 

You have a big edge over your opponents if you can predict what cards will come on the flop. 'All In PAV' may be on another level. Well played sir!


Sticky Rice

You've probably seen this one before, but we couldn't resist putting it up again, even if it was just for the slow-roll dance and the Rocky music :)


The Big Dog steps over the line

It must be an awful feeling when you quietly sit down to watch some porn and then realise that your Twitch stream is still running and EVERYONE is still watching. This is what happened to Casey 'bigdogpckt5s' Jarzabek back in 2015 and not only was he left a little red-faced, he was also hit with a ban from Twitch. We won't embed the video here, but we are sure you can get the picture of what happened :)


Dude gets hacked on his 5 minute break and it's all streamed on Twitch.

It's an expensive toilet break when someone transfers $1,000 out of your account live on stream in front of all your viewers. This is what happened to Charlie "Epiphany77" Carrel as he visited the toilet during a session at PokerStars. A player by the name 'Kiree11' logged in via a TeamViewer account and firstly considered shipping $10,000 but eventually decided that just $1,000 was enough. The hack starts at about the 2:25s mark of the video.



Daniel 'KidPoker' Negreanu takes a pee in front of 4300 twitch viewers.

Yes, 4300 people had the opporunity to watch Negreanu take a piss - The Internet continues to never disappoint.

Sick Blackjack hand

So, this video isn't poker related but it's worth watching. We hope that's not a cat he threw across the room at the end of the video.
If you have any other twitch moments that you think people will enjoy, add them in the comments below.
Also, you can now add your Twitch username to your ChipMeUp settings and we'll promote your stream on your profile page and the shoutboxes.

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Schabernack Schabernack (almost 6 years ago - 14 Feb 2016 09:11 UTC)

Great work admin!

naisayer naisayer (almost 6 years ago - 17 Feb 2016 07:48 UTC)

“no big dog noooo!”


Alixia88 Alixia88 (almost 6 years ago - 21 Feb 2016 21:27 UTC)

ahahah the porn it’s a classic, it was happened a similar thing to me, but i was just checking facebook and google docs xD

you can find me on twitch there →

vladthepesh vladthepesh (almost 6 years ago - 06 Mar 2016 10:13 UTC)

NIce, ty

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