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The Importance of Staking

posted by admin, 7 years ago (14 Oct 2014 09:08)


The Importance of Staking
Staking has been around nearly as long as poker itself. Its an integral part of the poker community and a fun way to get more involved with other players.
We'd like to point out a few of the key ideas and the importance of staking in poker and why using ChipMeUp is a helpful tool.
1. Importance of Documentation
Often, staking deals can run over many months or years making it very difficult to remember the specific arrangements between a buyer and seller, especially if there has only been an oral agreement made previously. If a staking deal is documented, both parties have confidence that the details can easily be referred to in the future.
Also, with the increased popularity of staking and higher volume of staking deals arranged between players, it's harder for people to keep track of many shares. There's nothing worse than not being able to remember what deal had been done with someone once you've completed a tournament. It's critical that you know where you stand at any point in time and using an online website to track every detail of your staking deal makes life much easier.
2. Tougher Fields
We have noticed that more people are getting involved in staking than ever before, and it's not just with the beginners or low-bankroll players. In this year's $1M One Drop event at the World Series, you may have noticed that it's extremely rare for any player to own 100% of himself in this tournament. In fact it's rare that a player even owned %50 - why is that?
The reality is that the game of poker has gotten much much harder over the last few years. Players are more experienced and more educated than ever. The fields are tougher and the edges are getting smaller. Players are feeling that they need to spread their investment across multiple players.
3. Transparency
We all know there are a lots of shady people in the poker community and when you're dealing with people's hard earnt money, there's no room for ambiguity or misunderstanding. Its really important that each poker staking 'contract' is outlined clearly and documented for both party's reference. 
This is where ChipMeUp can help you build a public record of the exact details of the staking deal including costs, payouts and specific arrangements.
You may have experienced a final table where players have a piece of others, but don't disclose the information to the rest of the table. This can lead to some ethical questions about collusion and deal-making. But if the staking deals are documented and in the public domain, this gives everyone clear knowledge about where all the players sit.
4. Variance
Most poker players lack the proper backrolls for the stakes they play. It's very easy to go on a downswing (it happens to everyone) and suddenly find you're broke. Even the best players who have a long history of playing profitably can go through a long period without cashing. Staking increases your bankroll and gives you the capability to play for longer periods of time during long downswings.
Remember, if a player is getting staked, it may not mean he is struggling to pay for the games - it's often a smart way of managing a bankroll.
5. Motivation
Some people find that if they are being staked into a tournament their desire to win is even stronger. If other people's money is on the line, you have the extra incentive of playing (and winning) for the stake holders. This can often lead to a more focused and profitable playing style.
6. Staking can provide a faster route to the higher limits
You have the opportunity to utilise a bigger bankroll when being staked. This gives you the opportunity to move up the levels at a faster rate. 
7. Fun!
We all know that winning a tournament for yourself feels great, but it's just as fun to own a piece of a player who has a big win! Many people don't have the time or the money to participate in big tournaments, but staking still lets people get involved.
We trust that all makes sense and we hope that ChipMeUp is helping people get more involved in staking.

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hannyug hannyug (7 years ago - 15 Oct 2014 05:20 UTC)

great article, and lots of valuable pointers for new starters :)

RlseTheKraken RlseTheKraken (7 years ago - 15 Oct 2014 12:13 UTC)

Well written +1 post

paulopinto paulopinto (7 years ago - 15 Oct 2014 15:13 UTC)


I also think can put here the point 8 – Railing (good for horse and for investor)

naisayer naisayer (7 years ago - 16 Oct 2014 10:00 UTC)

yep fun for the whole family :)

havenrl havenrl (7 years ago - 29 Oct 2014 12:01 UTC)

nice article

RavensUC RavensUC (6 years ago - 21 May 2015 18:46 UTC)

Great pointers, I also agree with paulopinto about point 8….I play a lot stronger when I know I am being watched by critical eyes. I come from a Live streaming background, I have been streaming on for nearly 2 years off and on and when there are eyes on me my decisions are more tuned in.

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