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Win a Sunday Major, Part 3

posted by admin, 4 years ago (06 Jan 2015 00:00)


Win a Sunday Major, Part 3

In part three of our sunday major series we continue to look at ChipMeUp user ayhan_fb1907 and his great result in the Sunday Comboayhan_fb1907 uses a balanced and patient approach to his game to maximise his chip increases at each opportunity. Maintaining aggression, he allows his opponents to make some big mistakes!

In part 2 he made it into the money, and now we see him get close to the final table, running up a big stack along the way! 



Please post your comments, questions and feedback!

If you have a hand or interesting tournament you would like reviewed, please let us know and hopefully we can feature it Strategy and Training!

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schaeng schaeng (4 years ago - 08 Jan 2015 10:36 UTC)

cold calls from solid players pre let all bells ring…
dont think people with this stats/stack/position will fold preflop. so missing doubleup to often when he misses flop…. andyour 3bets loose foldequity if premium not in

schaeng schaeng (4 years ago - 08 Jan 2015 17:38 UTC)

A10:usually for me its standart with this stack to put it allin….
once i railed you at final2table at ftopsevent and you played 3bet/fold with round about 18bb if i remember right.
im curios where the cut is for a modern highstakesreg and if it is diffrent depending on opponents/hands/stage of tourney.

ayhan_fb1907 ayhan_fb1907 (4 years ago - 08 Jan 2015 18:43 UTC)

Sorry u mean calling the AA hand early with 16bb pre in MP or in general?

Min 9:39 JQ : I like to C/R this kind of flops with trips vs other regulars because my hand normally looks not strong. Against some LAGs, bad player and TAGs i like to call it down. Afterwards i prefer the check on the turn more then the smallish bet with this stacksizes.

Mi 13:58 KT : The better play on the turn would be a raise to apr. 25k because so many draws can pay us of and we are both pretty deep. The river i should bet also a bit bigger as rkruok said

Min 31:12 AQ : I should 3 bet bigger here against 2 opponents. Something btw 25 to 26 k is better i think,or what size do guys prefer there?

Min 40:09 77 : I don`t like to bet the flop after he`s checking on the flop. This looks to suspicious for me too and if i decide to bet on the flop, then i have to double barrel to get better PP`s (88,99&TT) to fold on the turn. What also speaks against a bet on the flop is that we have a protected pot. It makes normally not much sense to attack a unprotected pot on such boards with that action. I`m not 100 % sure about this because it`s pretty deep (71bb).Thats why i would like to hear the opinion of the other members to this spot.

Min 42:24 AT : 3 bet call is the best play

Thank you rkruok for producing this video for the community and the excellent comentation. Looking forward for the next part

ayhan_fb1907 ayhan_fb1907 (4 years ago - 08 Jan 2015 18:52 UTC)

Vs people who can fold to a 3 bet against a small stack, it can be very good to have sometimes a 3 bet folding range with 18-20 bb. U only have to be very carefull with this People are taking usually 3 bets from this stacksizes to serious/strong. AS allways i`m not 100% sure but i see many good regs doing this and recommend it in the other forums and videos.

schaeng schaeng (4 years ago - 09 Jan 2015 14:03 UTC)

this AA
and many AA when you are not deep enough to call with other hands

ayhan_fb1907 ayhan_fb1907 (4 years ago - 10 Jan 2015 10:17 UTC)

I do this very seldom with under 20bb against allmost any player. If villian is a nit and opr, i agree that a 3 bet is better or a shove. Nevertheless we need to have also a calling range with 20bb-25bb in pos and this calling range doesn’t only excists from monsters. I call there also some broadway combos and suited connectors to hold my range not to caped vs regs/thinking player. If I 3 bet with this stakesizes i’ll lose to often value vs wide opening ranges. Villian will fold to often and i want to give him the opprtunity to make mistakes postflop. Postflop it’s easier to make mistakes then preflop. I dont mind when i bust with 20-25bb with AA because the opr or somebody flops a better hand. I need to make some chips and i think i can win more chips when i get opponents postflop.

Schaeng, so u have no calling range anymore with 20-25bb in pos vs a ep opr?

schaeng schaeng (4 years ago - 10 Jan 2015 12:53 UTC)

u had 16 ;)
can imagine situations i call with 20-25bb,but not a weak hand with this many players coming.

markvolendam markvolendam (4 years ago - 10 Jan 2015 13:52 UTC)

very good serie this is.

BacardiAAndi BacardiAAndi (4 years ago - 13 Feb 2015 05:38 UTC)

u had really to check the turn with the quads

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