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ChipMeUp & Black Friday

posted by admin, almost 10 years ago (16 Apr 2011 18:17)


ChipMeUp & Black Friday

 (updated 14:30 EST 18 Apr 2011)

UPDATE: For the time being we are not allowing USA users to deposit or buy shares. All money is safe and we are working to find a way to allow players to withdraw their funds. We will keep you posted.  

NOTE: For all non-USA customers everything is working as normal. 

As most of you know, Online Poker has been hit with huge news. PokerNews breaking story on the Online Poker Fallout With regular updates, please keep checking PokerNews for the latest

For ChipMeUp users, US players have been forced to cancel online events, PokerStars is unavailable to US players, FullTilt currently seems unavailable to everyone. No one knows exactly what will happen with these sites.

Please be patient whilst we sort through this mess, withdrawals are going to be slow, we have a lot of emails to deal with but we will get through them.

PokerStars new website -

Full Tilt new website -

(updates from 14:30 EST 18 Apr 2011 - read below)

US Customers (more info)

The reason why we are not allowing US customers to buy shares and deposit at the moment, apart from the fact it is very difficult to process transfers through our regular sites(PokerStars etc) is that we have been advised by PokerNews to remove these features/services to US players till there is a better understanding of the legal situation. Unfortunately legal will tell you to be extra cautionary in these situations. Hopefully is not permanent but that is how it stands. ChipMeUp have not received any warnings from the US and this all remains as precautionary measures. 

US Customer balances are safe, there is no clear solution yet on how to process the withdrawals. Since Cake and Bodog are available to the US players this remains one option as do checks (probably last resort). We are trying to test some of these options out now.

US Player Events and Shares

US player (online) Seller events will  have to be cancelled. Even if the site currently works for now, we will probably end up cancelling all US player events. This means all players will receive share refunds. Depending on how you paid for your share, this refund process can take some time, as US players might need to get money onto the site.

US player (live) Seller events will probably have to be cancelled unless there is a simple way to deal with this. They probably won't be able to accept ChipMeUp dollars, and might have to set up their own personal payment methods for live events. Currently unsure about this. 

US players who bought shares, will currently remain valid and will be honoured. Non-US sellers will have to payout US players via CMU $. Depending on what option we find for withdrawals for US players this should hopefully work. 

We are trying to work out how to clear the slate on all the residual US share buys, events and balances before really working out what to do in the future. 

Thankyou for your patience



DIAMONDxxx DIAMONDxxx (almost 10 years ago - 17 Apr 2011 09:15 UTC)

Hello CMU,

we have all heard about this mess now and I know a site that would be great if someone would like to start a petition for all of us pokerplayers involved.Just place the link here below when the petition is ready to sign and we will reach millions of people to sign it.If someone with the english skills could get the words right,then we get this thing going and we can all get the signatures sent to Obama!

Regards DIAMONDxxx

funkyowo (almost 10 years ago - 17 Apr 2011 19:48 UTC)

what about renting out european poker accounts to USA players?

what can chip me up do about such a deal? to be unrisky and safe options……

just heads up!

mathieupoker mathieupoker (almost 10 years ago - 17 Apr 2011 22:37 UTC)

yes, lets all violate the toc and get our accounts frozen/banned.

setting up proxy servers and providing foreign addresses would be a very interesting thing to look into though.

Carl_ Carl_ (almost 10 years ago - 17 Apr 2011 23:01 UTC)

Selling VPN’s

rwestover rwestover (almost 10 years ago - 18 Apr 2011 01:59 UTC)

why are people calling it ‘black friday’? this is sort of the opposite of what the true meaning of black friday really is.

hussainsajwani hussainsajwani (almost 10 years ago - 18 Apr 2011 05:43 UTC)

lol ^ true that.

Carl_ Carl_ (almost 10 years ago - 18 Apr 2011 10:04 UTC)

Isle of man news …
Since pokerstars is a huge part of their economy

paramedic156 paramedic156 (almost 10 years ago - 18 Apr 2011 12:51 UTC)

Since CMU has suspended depositing and buying shares, what happens if you already purchased shares prior to the freeze?

Mezz2408 Mezz2408 (almost 10 years ago - 18 Apr 2011 17:28 UTC)

Even though I am not from the USA, I would want to know what the reason is that CMU-ers from the US can not buy shares anymore or deposit or withdraw.

Did CMU get a notice from the FBI or whatever legal bureau telling them so?

Does CMU use the same payment system that is under investigation at the major pokersites that were indicted?

If this is not the case, than why can’t CMU-ers from the US use methods like Moneybookers or Neteller or whatever payment method to deposit and withdraw, since PS, FT, AP and UB are obviously not working anymore?

What about winnings on running events where US players have shares in? Can players of events still transfer their winnings to CMU-ers from the US through CMU?

Main question is though, if US players are still welcome at other foreign Pokersites or -networks, than in what way is CMU connected to this Black Friday stuff that causes this measure?

Mind you, I am not trying to stir things up, I am just committed to those who are effected by this and curious what being a US member of CMU has to do with the indictement of the mentioned pokersites.

For those who are in the dark and uncertain of the outcome of the current events, hope things get solved soon. Good luck with that.

RlseTheKraken RlseTheKraken (almost 10 years ago - 18 Apr 2011 17:36 UTC)

Sorry, USA customers cannot currently buy shares.
More Info.

GL all…….

SaulGudde SaulGudde (almost 10 years ago - 18 Apr 2011 18:59 UTC)

ok ill be the one.
they are doing it for pure selfpreservation, being whats going on with the US GOVT. and how closely CMU is with online poker. IM pretty sure they are just covering thier ass. if they had actuall info from FBI or what ever dont you think they would toss that info out there?(i do) i say thanks to admin obv they forsee it getting worse b4 it gets better and are in a way kinda protecting us if we follow the rules.

admin admin (almost 10 years ago - 18 Apr 2011 19:01 UTC)

We have answered a bunch of your questions in the updated version of this article. Thankyou for your patience

Mezz2408 Mezz2408 (almost 10 years ago - 18 Apr 2011 20:16 UTC)

Thanks for the update admin and good luck and wisedom in finding a solution in this legal maze. That also goes for all the CMU-ers and US players involved in this mess.

patnbrtwo patnbrtwo (almost 10 years ago - 18 Apr 2011 20:36 UTC)

Department of dictature.Make me laught U.S want to democracy the world..Afganistan,Irak,Lybya and behave as a tyran on hin own soil.
I call poker players all arround the world to give a support for U.s Citizens and help them to retrive the right to share the same rights as we do.

Just Boycott ALL U.S consumtion products as long US citizens get they freedom back !!! pretty sure the debt would much bigger than the “matter” gvt wanted to “point”.

DOJ went all in with a very weak hand .

patnbrtwo patnbrtwo (almost 10 years ago - 18 Apr 2011 20:37 UTC)

andofc spread it like a worm

jafo226 (almost 10 years ago - 18 Apr 2011 22:04 UTC)

Its all a bunch of legal mubo jumbo out of 50 states here in the USA a handful “allow” internet gambling andd or sport betting certain states have made it a felony to play online. As a United States player I understand CMU desision to stand back and watch and see what happens it is for their benifit if they do, as I can see by reading the articles on site Good luck to all the oher players who can play and maybe I can once again sit at a table with the rest of the world

drtamc (almost 10 years ago - 19 Apr 2011 00:25 UTC)

I understand whats going on, but a quick question or two that may have already been answered.
U.S. players with money vested in stakes with other players, what happens with that?
Can CMU xfer to U.S. players via RPM, since that is one of their sites to xfer to and also RPM accepts U.S. players?
Once last thing since I have my soap box out, do people really think it is all cuz of the Government wanting it to be taxed and they are not getting their piece of the pie? These are some serious allegations against these people, not against the sites themselves. There are plenty of other small unknown sites to play on that accepts U.S. players and it appears that they are pretty soft sites.
Instead of “bitching” about it, contact your local congress man or woman and get involved. Check out the and get involved.
Good luck at the tables, mostly live games now!!!

admin admin (almost 10 years ago - 19 Apr 2011 00:46 UTC)

CMU do not want to break any laws and Black Friday made it pretty clear the USA’s position on online poker.

We can no longer transfer to or receive money from USA PokerStars or Moneybookers accounts. This is why we have to can no longer accept USA players on CMU – there is no way for them to deposit or withdraw.

We will work with all buyers and sellers to get their money back but we cannot accept new deposits.

SaulGudde SaulGudde (almost 10 years ago - 19 Apr 2011 01:06 UTC)

ty for the patches? lol

BlankPage BlankPage (almost 10 years ago - 19 Apr 2011 02:19 UTC)

Being a non-us business and not being “online poker” itself there should be some degree of safeness in continuing business as usual for now right? I have a Bodog account now and actually love the site and have been making a killing over there (check out my profile) and would be fine using them as my middle man to ChipMeUp :)

jconnor jconnor (almost 10 years ago - 19 Apr 2011 02:48 UTC)

RPM Poker is allowing US customers. If you are in the USA and have an RPM account we can try withdrawing your money to there.

If you don’t have an RPM account, get one here (35% rakeback):

SaulGudde SaulGudde (almost 10 years ago - 19 Apr 2011 02:59 UTC)

will we have another option later if we dont do this?

drtamc (almost 10 years ago - 19 Apr 2011 03:32 UTC)

I am on RPM and it does take US players

rwestover rwestover (almost 10 years ago - 19 Apr 2011 14:36 UTC)

but can you cash out? i keep getting these fucking emails from sites like Cake, Lock and Carbon about my ability to deposit. It does me no good to deposit if they can’t get me my money when I want to cash out.

when a US player has cashed out and received the money, please comment.

9dJhQhKhAh 9dJhQhKhAh (9 years ago - 21 Apr 2011 23:12 UTC)


MalibuSky (9 years ago - 24 Apr 2011 22:55 UTC)

If we already have money in our CMU account why can’t we purchase shares from players outside the US?

SaulGudde SaulGudde (9 years ago - 25 Apr 2011 19:41 UTC)

RlseTheKraken RlseTheKraken (9 years ago - 26 Apr 2011 15:35 UTC)

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! pass the BBQ sauce Im hungary for Chicken Wings now………………………

nativerez nativerez (9 years ago - 01 May 2011 19:43 UTC)

what the hell here lets get this figured out its been over 2 weeks I got money on here I cant do anything with it.

rwestover rwestover (9 years ago - 01 May 2011 23:30 UTC)

u can transfer it?

Ultra_Donk Ultra_Donk (9 years ago - 02 May 2011 17:09 UTC)

Really, I dont know where you can transfer it too RW. Either way the silence is defining. I understand the circumstances, thats why I’v kept my lip buttoned. But I check for an update here every few days and not even cmu members show an intrust in this thread. Just an update would be swell. One thisng is for sure, a transfer to a site that I didn’t trust before black Friday isnt an answer.

__DAVE__ __DAVE__ (9 years ago - 02 May 2011 18:04 UTC)

might be one way around this ship your funds to a trusted player that still aloud on sites and get them too transfer it to you by western union

9dJhQhKhAh 9dJhQhKhAh (9 years ago - 02 May 2011 18:45 UTC)

+1 Ultra

rwestover rwestover (9 years ago - 02 May 2011 19:41 UTC)

i understand your issues, but i’m sure most have just as much money locked up on Full Tilt than they have here, and the correspondence from Full Tilt has been worse. I would imagine there is no new news, and that’s why you haven’t heard anything (which at least a “no new news” would probably be better than nothing).

your only options seem to be to:

a) wait it out for who knows how long
b) ship it to carbon and hope you can withdraw there
c) ship to a buddy who would trade you for western union, bank wire, paypal or some other cash transfer*

  • i think cmu, out of the inconvenience of all this, should waive the 3.5% fee on transfers for USA players

remainameless remainameless (9 years ago - 02 May 2011 20:08 UTC)

they should just send checks and get it over with imo. nothing at all is stopping them from doing so. a few days to let things clear up is one thing, but im baffeled they would take this long just out of legal fears. i think the government would be more mad that they havent paid, than if they pay out and stop serving US players(which is not needed, but safer for cmu). if i had any big amount locked up here(shipped mine to RPM), i would be quite upset. THIS IS NOT A GAMBLING SITE. ill miss using/hanging at CMU alot, but id miss my money more if it was locked up on a non-poker site like this. good luck to those who do.

rwestover rwestover (9 years ago - 02 May 2011 20:19 UTC)

sort of humoring that a little company like chipmeup is worried, and more “in the spotlight” companies like carbon, cake and other small poker sites aren’t.

9dJhQhKhAh 9dJhQhKhAh (9 years ago - 02 May 2011 21:10 UTC)

I agree.. if CMU were US owned I would somewhat understand, but afaik, TonyG owns a huge chunk (founder of PokerNews) rkuok owns the other chunk (found of CMU), and correct me if I’m wrong but they live overseas.

Big part of the reason FTP/PS/AP were indicted was that, other than the fact that they’re the biggest, is that they indicted the US owners of the sites..

I’m not an expert on all this, just my 2 cents.

But in CMU’s defense, like they stated above, they have to listen to who owns them, and that’s one of, if not the biggest Poker media website. I’m sure that rkruok wouldn’t just want to cut off 50% of his clients overnight over an ambiguous law. Regardless though, even FTP has released periodic updates, I think we deserve the same.

Takezo1980 Takezo1980 (9 years ago - 02 May 2011 22:11 UTC)

Well maybe it is that they have some sort of fear of getting arrested when they land on vegas airport?
I dunno, Im just trying to think with you guys here.

What bothers me most though is the lack of response here from cmu. Last post here has been 13 days and they always seem to ignore difficult or critizing questions.
getting ignored can be very annoying especially when it concerns money.
I love cmu very much but its true, I know they do respond in pm’s but whenever its a forum question they always avoid.

So yeah.. +2 Ultra.

pokerproplaya08 pokerproplaya08 (9 years ago - 02 May 2011 22:30 UTC)

I still don’t agree with Ultra.

Basically, you want them to update you with news, when THEY HAVE NO NEWS to give you? seems logical.

I’m oi, just send my $ to my RPM acct and I’ll be fine.

Ultra, if you don’t trust those sites, then that’s on you, b/c atm, they’re the only ones open to US customers and for the most part, nobody has complained about being paid out.

rwestover rwestover (9 years ago - 03 May 2011 00:46 UTC)

can anyone verify they’ve actually withdrawn and received funds from any of these USA friendly sites?

Ultra_Donk Ultra_Donk (9 years ago - 03 May 2011 15:26 UTC)

I trust Poker Stars, Full Tilt, and Cmu. I would be shocked if we didnt ever get our money from any of the 3. I also understand the idea that the absence of news is the reason for the silence. I disagree that full tilt has been more silent or that Cmu has more to worry about then the poker sites. I strongly disagree with the use of the 3rd rate poker sites that are still dim enough to continue business with the US, 1 by 1 they are dropping payment prepossessing options, imo it just a matter of time before they all freeze and then your money will be in limbo with some 3’rd rate site no one knows anything about.

Even if new news hasn’t arisen I would at least like to know what actions are being taken and what timelines might be achievable. I beleive Cmu is working on this, I just wish the work was somewhat transparent.

Ultra_Donk Ultra_Donk (9 years ago - 03 May 2011 15:30 UTC)

It shocks me how many folks think “USA friendly sites” are safe. These are smaller company’s with little to loose is shit go’s south. There is also little reason to believe the shit isn’t heading south imo.

SaulGudde SaulGudde (9 years ago - 03 May 2011 20:38 UTC)


pokerproplaya08 pokerproplaya08 (9 years ago - 04 May 2011 01:24 UTC)

Right, but the fact of the matter is, that some of these “3rd rate sites” are actually doing business within the confides of what the gov’t is asking them to do. I guess that’s why Bodog is still around. It may not be the greatest site, but Calvin Ayre probably isn’t in the gambling business to lose money, he’s in it to make it. So he’ll do what’s necessary to make it.

Also, to Rwest, I have a few friends who have gotten $ from RPM and another who is playing on Bodog who hasn’t had any troubles yet getting $ off. Mind you, they’re all 3rd rate sites with nothing to lose, so you’ll probably end up losing the $ you put on the site, but hey, at least you get to play!

nativerez nativerez (9 years ago - 08 May 2011 00:27 UTC)

Well I have already tried twice to get my money transferd to RPM and they still have not done it. Also I have won money on bodog and have recieved my check from them way faster then any other sites.

admin admin (9 years ago - 08 May 2011 04:44 UTC)


Sorry if we didn’t update this thread, it is because I didn’t see it for a couple of days. If there are threads where you would like an admin to directly respond, please use the contact form to alert admin. It is difficult for us to monitor every thread :)

@nativerez: you requested RPM withdrawal twice in the previous 24 hours. I actually did it about 30 minutes ago – before i saw this thread :). Other people from the USA please submit an RPM withdrawal request. We are currently looking at the ability to use other methods.



pokerproplaya08 pokerproplaya08 (9 years ago - 08 May 2011 05:50 UTC)

Admin’s got me my $ on rpm pretty quick tbh

well done imo.

SaulGudde SaulGudde (9 years ago - 09 May 2011 13:00 UTC)

has anyone withdrwaln from rpm yet?(succesfully or not)

Ultra_Donk Ultra_Donk (9 years ago - 09 May 2011 17:52 UTC)

Admin,how do those of us who do not have accounts other then PS + FT withdrawal from here? I dont beleive any of these other sites currently available to us players are going to be here very long and I have no intention of registering accounts with them. UB/AP destroyed my faith in 3rd rate poker sites, nothing about playing them feels like a good idea imo.

SNB SNB (9 years ago - 09 May 2011 22:36 UTC)

Hell, for a small fee send me balances with names and addresses, and I’ll go get money orders and put them in the mail. Paypal would be a quick fix for this. They’re not even going after small sites, much less tracking down someone doing 50 transfers.

I had a few hundred and someone was good enough to swap me for western union. Cost ended up being about 20% with wire fee and exchange rate.

WECpoker WECpoker (9 years ago - 11 May 2011 04:19 UTC)

Probably the best way for you guys to transfer to each other is using NetSpend which has P2P features, or obtain a Visa/Mastercard GreenDot Card and trade with each other by buying moneypacks at local stores all over the world. You buy pack and give code to person you want to trade with, instant money credited to account and can be withdrawn by ATM, etc.

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