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17 Sep 2019 11:00 (US/Eastern)
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Schabernack [profile]
CL Group Stage Day 1 Virtual Betting Challenge


Hi Guys,
the Champions League is starting again and I wanna try something for the first matchday of the group stage (Tuesday/Wednesday). If you wanna participate, read the rules in the comments (LL event descriptions have a max word cap) and join for as much CMU $ as you feel like gambling for.


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Schabernack [profile] Ashonita $1 $1


Schabernack (about 1 year ago - 16 Sep 2019 02:09 UTC)


I picked the bookmaker odds of all sixteen games from betwin and posted them below. Every participant has a virtual 100$ to spend for the challenge. You have to bet on at least 3 games and cant bet on more than 10. You can obviously only wager money once on every game, so you are not allowed to bet for example on home win and a draw at the same time. Whoever makes the most virtual $ will win this challenge and win the LL money, according to his buyin. Please only wager round money on the games, so the smallest amount you can bet is 1$, the most 98$, because you need to at least bet on three games. Your full list of bets need to be sent to me via PM before the LL starts, if you send them too late, you cannot participate anymore and lose your $. I will then go ahead and post everyone’s decisions in the comments. And please do not spend more than the 100 virtual dollars.

Games and Odds: [First numbers means home win, second number draw, third number guest team wins.]

Inter – Slavia 1.36/5.00/8.00
Lyon – Zenit 1.70/3.80/4.75
Ajax – Lille 1.47/4.33/6.50
Benfica – Leipzig 2.70/3.40/2.50
Dortmund – Barcelona 3.00/3.50/2.25
Chelsea – Valencia 1.83/3.60/4.20
Napoli – Liverpool 3.00/3.40/2.30
Salzburg – Genk 1.60/4.33/4.75
Brugge – Galatasaray 1.87/3.60/4.00
Olympiakos – Tottenham 4.33/3.30/1.90
Atletico – Juventus 2.40/3.10/3.10
Leverkusen – Lokomotiv 1.36/5.00/8.00
Bayern – Crvena Zvezda 1.07/12.00/34.00
Zagreb – Atalanta 3.50/3.30/2.10
PSG – Real 2.15/3.60/3.20
Shakhtar – ManCity 8.50/5.50/1.30

I hope everything is understandable. If you still have any questions, please ask them here. Thanks all for reading and good luck!

Schabernack (about 1 year ago - 16 Sep 2019 02:27 UTC)

I will post my picks here openly. You guys please send them to me via PM.

20$ Tottenham win at 1.90
10$ Leipzig win at 2.50
20$ Chelsea win at 1.83
40$ Ajax win at 1.47
10$ Galatasaray win at 4.00

And yes, these picks might stink, I have no clue what strategy to use :D…

Schabernack (about 1 year ago - 17 Sep 2019 15:48 UTC)

Easy victory…

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