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Event 98400: Harrahs Chester, PA - WSOPC Chester, PA Main Event

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almost 10 years ago

It is with much sadness that I am forced to cancel my ChipMeUp event for the WSOPC Chester Main Event that you had bought shares for. In case you’re unaware, CMU has decided to block all US players from buying shares or doing anything with their money, so I would have no way to access your funds once playing the event. (More details on this at

Fortunately, I am very willing to sell action for the event outside of ChipMeUp. If you live in Las Vegas, NV or Chester, PA, I can arrange to meet you to pick up cash.

I have bank accounts with CitiBank and Chase, and you can make a deposit into my bank account by going to any local branch. If you can do this, please message me and I can supply you with my account information.

Alternately, Chase has web site called QuickPay that will allow you to pay me from your bank account (any bank, not just Chase) sort of the way PayPal works. You can sign up for an account (it’s FREE!) at — once signed up, message me with your email address and the amount you would like to buy so I can send you a request for money.

Because of the extra steps needed to buy shares, I will be offering a discount to you guys. My CMU ad listed a 135% price/value ratio. Here is what I can offer you:

2%+ of me for $42 (131% price/value ratio)
5%+ of me for $100 (125% price/value ratio)

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. I definitely feel bad for having to cancel the action. I hope you can understand, and we can figure out a way to work together.