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New transwer rules again at Stars?

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2 years ago

Got this message have some of you guys have problem with this?

Hello Kanlund,

Your transfer has been rejected as we have determined that the funds you are transferring originate from recent deposits.

Please remember that we cannot be used as a money transferring service and please also bear in mind that you should only deposit funds when you have the intention to use them at tables.

If you wish to stake other players without playing at the tables yourself, then we recommend that you send funds to these players using a money transfer service outside of our site.

Please familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service by viewing the following link:

If you are not willing to play with the funds, you are welcome to make a withdraw request.

Thank you for your understanding.

Stars Security

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2 years ago

Yes,got a similar mail a while ago…then I played a 1 dollar sng and suddenly I could transfer!I would avoid to click links since it could be phishing mails!Very hard times for us at CMU buying shares!