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Player Dispute - ugotblufd

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4 days ago

Ok, here is such a list. Some of those PS accounts might not work anymore because a lot has changed since 2014 and not all countries are still available for transfers. He would have to try it out and if problems occur, contact CMU.

Aikon (Aikon007): 309.24$ PAID
Beltbuster (BeltBuster): 501.84$ PAID
Hannyug (hannyug): 47.69$
judders75 (jonster75): 19.45$
Kellis (kellis2): 101.63$
mahonie (mahonie23): 9.73$
MNPoppe (YouR3allyKno): 72.45$
sejmen1950 (sejmen1950): 371.22$
sierra_tango ($IERRA_TANGO): 103.40$
stefan1959 (stefan59): 136.94$
SupermanXX1975 (Stakehorse75): 9.73$
TryaBluffPLS (TryABluffPLS): 97.29$
xVincitore (xVincitore): 12.36$
yamatamo123 (YamatanoCZ): 27.40$

And again, please all check for mistakes in numbers or names, cant guarantee that I didnt mess something up.

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3 days ago

Sent to him