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Player Dispute - Silatigraa/primeraferra (locked)

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2 years ago

Been delayed in posting this due to illness and work

User silatigraa posted in event that stars transfers should go to Primeraferra and that he would be playing from that account.

That is both against the TOS of pokerstars and against the rules of CMU.

It also appears as though Silatigraa account is locked (cannot transfer, last game played 10/24/2016) and the Primeraferra account was created 11/9/2016.

When asked about account locked, he stated his account was frozen because he moved to a jurisdiction that is banned. Have since asked 2-3 times where he moved to that is banned and the question has been continually avoided.

Given this unwillingness to answer more info as to why the account is locked and the high likelyhood that the 2nd account is still being used on stars, both accounts at this time will be locked.

Any funds in account will be returned when the 3 events user has share purchases in are complete