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Player Dispute - huffers97 (locked)

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3 years ago

Your name is not Louise. i have a skype chat from another staking site where you admit to signing up with your girlfriends info.

Beyond that, you have also been saying on twitch and via skype that you are pokerstars player I AmLegend11.

You are not, because I have spoken with the real I AmLegend11 this morning.

I also have skype chat where you claim to be I AmLegend11, then you claim that you are not him, but he is your uncle and you are multiaccounting as both I AmLegend11 and Huffers97 (your own words)

In these chats you claim to want to coach someone, but they have to send $5 to huffers97 first. Then later you ask them to send $11 to you to prove trust.

Posting all this so our members are aware to stay away

twitch: benjaminw17
Skype: Poker Biggs

Claimed pokerstars names: I AmLegend11 (he is not) and Huffers97 (most likely is since he pursuing $$ to that account)