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Player Dispute - k_rukov (locked)

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4 years ago

Appears to be accessing Tilt and Stars despite being in USA, putting anyone that has sent or received funds from him in danger of having accounts frozen.

Also, despite being told when first signed up it was against TOS to have someone else play on your account, there has been at least one more incident where you have told someone you wanted them to play on your account

We have already had a case of someone from teh USA using VPN and having funds (investors) confiscated and not paid back

Your claim that you only accessed these sites when outside the USA and you travel alot does not match with the IP information we have for accessing our site which is almost 100% american IPs.

So given your past history, and the fact that you were made aware that if there were any more issues you would be banned, we are not going to take any chances with CMU members

Any funds in your account will be returned to you during next withdrawal cycle