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European roulette tournament

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over 1 year ago

I am a UK national roulette tournament finalist from 2015 and thinking of entering the European roulette tournament. I shall be getting the gold package predicted to be 2500 euros and my friend will be paying 700 euros of it as he will be my plus one as it will include flights and accommodation for 2 but entry for 1. Leaving the remainder cost 1800 euros I shall be paying 1100 euros of it. Where minimum of 50% of any winnings is reserved for my self. Meaning 50% is up for sale I shall sell 1 percent for 15$ on here. The prize pool is predicted to have 200,000 euros guaranteed with 50,000 euro guaranteed for 1st place. Based on this year the top 40 is predicted to be paid. Based on this prizes if i place in the money you will to. If I came 1st place a 1% stake would win 500$ and if i came 40th place upwards your guaranteed to at least get your money back and any thing up to $500 on a 15$ stake. would this be something anyone would be interested in?