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Experienced and Skilled Poker Player, Seeks stake

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over 1 year ago

Hey everyone,

My names Aaron, I’m 34 years old and have been playing poker for years now. I consider myself a skilled and knowledgeable player. I have been crushing the 1-3 No Limit Live games. I been averaging some very huge profits and I am now thinking of taking this a step further. The question is no longer “if i can turn a profit” it is more like “how much of a profit can i make now”. I have years of experience in the game. I study and learn new techniques and skills that I can apply on the felt. If interesting in providing me a stake or investment we can talk, by emailing me. or posting here. I wish I can post a picture of the profits i been turning since I keep track of all my wins/losses daily. Thanks and get back to me lets do business.