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Shoutbox Etiquette

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almost 13 years ago

Users who continually promote their events in the Shoutbox will be banned from using it.

The occasional link to an event is fine, however it is not necessary to post a link to your event every 5 minutes – doing this is spammy and will actually discourage buyers.

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12 years ago

After discussions with ADMIN as to the spamming saga a few rules have been drawn up.

1. An event can appear no more than twice in the shout box should you scroll through the full page.

2. Any person caught breaking this will be classed as spamming in that case and a warning given. Should this go ignored then a 24 hour shout box ban will be enforced.

3. There is no time limit to this rule so even if the event was linked twice in 2 hours, but still shows more than that in the shout box it will be deemed as a spam.

Hopefully that will put an end to the question of what is classed as spamming and not.

Good Luck All with your events.