US/EST: 27 Jan 2022 18:01

Adding Referral banners to your website

You can now add a ChipMeUp banner/link on your website which will then capture new signups under your ChipMeUp referral account. This means that people who signup through your website, when they create a new event a portion of the administration fee will be sent to your account. The more people you refer to ChipMeUp, the more money you can accumulate in your account!

Add the following code to your website, which will automatically put a banner and a link to ChipMeUp. You will need to change one piece of this code - change '********' and put your ChipMeUp username.

So, for example, if your ChipMeUp username is rkruok, you would put the following code on your website:

People who follow the link on your website will automatically see your username in the 'Referrers username' field on the signup form.

Please use the following banners if you wish to link to ChipMeUp from your website:



Also, you can get a customised banner for your website or forum signature, similar to the following:

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