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DwayneStacey - European Poker Tour - EPT San Remo

Tournament information
European Poker Tour
Registered As: Dwayne Stacey
Buyin $7,500 ($USD)
Approx first prize: $1,760,000
Tournament ID:
Start Date: 27 Apr 2011 02:00 (EST)
27 Apr 2011 08:00 (Europe/Rome) Preview
500th - almost 10 years ago
Share details
$1.00 per share (0.01%)
price/value 133%
Shares Available? 0 (0.0%)
Shares sold 3000 (30.0%)
Player share 70%
Potential winnings per $1.00 share $176
Player payment options ChipMeUp $, FullTilt, PokerStars
Share Graph Event 96574
Event Results
Number of Players: 1,000
Finishing Position: 500
Cash Winnings: $0
Winnings per share: $0.00 (inc. stakeback) Return on Investment: -100.00% (inc. stakeback)
Results Entered: 28 Apr 2011 22:35

EPT San Remo.

27th April - 3rd May.

e5300 / $7500 buy-in.

30,000 start stack. 

1 hr clock on day 1. 

75 min clock day 2 onwards.

Last year this event was won by Liv Boeree picking up e1,250,000 / $1,760,000

I have played in 9 Major tournaments, cashing in 3 for over $100,000.

WSOP Main Event 2008, 97th for $51,466.

EPT Budapest 2009, 27th for $12,079.

WSOP Main Event 2009, 113th for $40,288.

I have been disappointed lately busting 8 from the money at EPT Snowfest 2010, busting WSOP 2010 late on day 3 and busting EPT Copenhagen 2011 on day 2 AA v JJ aipf for 72 bb pot, hoping the bad luck is behind me now.

I will be posting updates via twitter : DWAAYNE

Hopefully you can also follow me on and

Winnings will be calculated at $1.415/euro.

Too many shares to show pie chart.

Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open0 (0.01% each)0.0%open
Reserved (RTKabuto (mod))10.01% Reserved
100procentpuur [profile]60.06%sold via CMU$ 
albatro [profile]70.07%sold via CMU$ 
alexnemo [profile]20.02%sold via CMU$ 
alidanton [profile]1001.0%sold via CMU$ 
angelos29 [profile]120.12%sold via CMU$ 
Annichen222 [profile]50.05%sold via CMU$ 
araneo620 [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
Arasvraus [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
Badger81 [profile]150.15%sold via CMU$ 
Bala5iong [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
Blase75 [profile]30.03%sold via CMU$ 
bringyourisaac [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
cagliostro26 [profile]20.02%sold via CMU$ 
carlorm76 [profile]200.2%sold via CMU$ 
CaseyKastle [profile]6886.88%sold via CMU$ 
Catscan1st [profile]290.29%sold via CMU$ 
Centas [profile]100.1%sold via CMU$ 
ChickenKD [profile]90.09%sold via CMU$ 
cibbicotti [profile]1001.0%sold via CMU$ 
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cike [profile]30.03%sold via CMU$ 
cotzosan [profile]150.15%sold via CMU$ 
csalbrec [profile]240.24%sold via CMU$ 
Csillag [profile]300.3%sold via CMU$ 
daGrumpf [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
DaMatrix [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
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DIAMONDxxx [profile]30.03%sold 
DiscoMary [profile]30.03%sold via CMU$ 
DomiBuu [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
donkey4fun [profile]50.05%sold via CMU$ 
EagleEyzz [profile]100.1%sold via CMU$ 
ElShiva [profile]50.05%sold via CMU$ 
Enomai [profile]30.03%sold via CMU$ 
flaashy888 [profile]30.03%sold via CMU$ 
gameOUver [profile]50.05%sold via CMU$ 
Gamerrhea [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
georgi [profile]20.02%sold 
girlNpoker [profile]20.02%sold via CMU$ 
GoldfindZzZ [profile]30.03%sold via CMU$ 
grey21 [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
gusma [profile]400.4%sold via CMU$ 
hateraises [profile]610.61%sold via CMU$ 
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Hontis [profile]100.1%sold via CMU$ 
hovti [profile]30.03%sold via CMU$ 
Icemanando [profile]20.02%sold via CMU$ 
ilya_bim [profile]20.02%sold via CMU$ 
IndigoMD [profile]30.03%sold via CMU$ 
Jabr [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
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JKjohnny [profile]60.06%sold via CMU$ 
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Jokotau [profile]50.05%sold 
Jorti68 [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
JRMahony [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
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juzasas [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
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Luckbox1608 [profile]500.5%sold 
Marekas [profile]30.03%sold via CMU$ 
MCG_PORTUGAL [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
MDMWINS [profile]100.1%sold via CMU$ 
MisterC [profile]100.1%sold via CMU$ 
mneube [profile]500.5%sold via CMU$ 
Mr_iPoker [profile]30.03%sold via CMU$ 
Mr_iPoker [profile]120.12%sold 
odyssey_2002 [profile]40.04%sold via CMU$ 
offrdmom [profile]50.05%sold via CMU$ 
owenas [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
patnbrtwo [profile]30.03%sold via CMU$ 
Pheeew [profile]2492.49%sold 
Pheeew [profile]10.01%payment sent 
philippe500 [profile]150.15%sold via CMU$ 
philter301 [profile]20.02%sold via CMU$ 
plech21 [profile]30.03%sold via CMU$ 
Praeatoire [profile]300.3%sold 
r4d4r [profile]120.12%sold via CMU$ 
rannnnn [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
Raymond1976 [profile]70.07%sold via CMU$ 
Revelation07 [profile]150.15%sold via CMU$ 
ribbatori [profile]100.1%sold via CMU$ 
RlseTheKraken [profile]40.04%sold via CMU$ 
Romanowaz [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
roysai [profile]1001.0%sold 
SafwanAfiq [profile]30.03%sold via CMU$ 
SaulGudde [profile]50.05%sold via CMU$ 
semo7172 [profile]20.02%sold via CMU$ 
shana_chan [profile]100.1%sold 
Shawnie2dope [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
shimas [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
sinitsyn28 [profile]90.09%sold via CMU$ 
smirkin [profile]150.15%sold via CMU$ 
Snize [profile]5005.0%sold via CMU$ 
Stievie [profile]40.04%sold via CMU$ 
Takezo1980 [profile]150.15%sold via CMU$ 
takibacsi [profile]30.03%sold via CMU$ 
takogenius39 [profile]100.1%sold via CMU$ 
tino2007 [profile]20.02%sold via CMU$ 
tonythepirat [profile]240.24%sold via CMU$ 
Urax [profile]20.02%sold via CMU$ 
valdemar [profile]50.05%sold via CMU$ 
Velocirapt0r [profile]10.01%sold via CMU$ 
whoa85 [profile]250.25%sold via CMU$ 
woodo50 [profile]400.4%sold 
Yorgk [profile]1101.1%sold via CMU$ 
2999/2999 sold 
Player share - DwayneStacey [profile]70%Unavailable 


DwayneStacey (almost 10 years ago - 31 Mar 2011 20:33 UTC)

Confirmed day 1b start, thursday 28th April.

tino2007 (almost 10 years ago - 13 Apr 2011 09:25 UTC)

GL Dwayne

RlseTheKraken (almost 10 years ago - 13 Apr 2011 14:51 UTC)


roysai (almost 10 years ago - 15 Apr 2011 16:46 UTC)


Praeatoire (almost 10 years ago - 20 Apr 2011 07:03 UTC)

Good luck Dwayne___Wish U Good Run___@nd Enjoy Food and drinks:)

cagliostro26 (almost 10 years ago - 22 Apr 2011 01:48 UTC)

GL Dwayne
not that anyone wants to also buy some of my share of EPT? :))

CaseyKastle (almost 10 years ago - 27 Apr 2011 09:12 UTC)

I’ll take the rest of what’s left, assuming the 1.415 or whatever buy/payoff rate is the same both ways.

Also, Dwayne, my policy always has been that I never have any interest, and vice-versa, in another player dealt into the same hand at my table. So let’s please Agree that If on Day 2 or later, we end up at the same table: a)you identify yourself to me and b) We Cancel these shares( even if FT of course) so I have no conflicting interest in you. Ok?


CaseyKastle (almost 10 years ago - 27 Apr 2011 09:19 UTC)

Dwayne, IF by chance the cancellation clause is not ok for you, just cancel my shares, and re-open the selling as works best for you. No hard feelings, of course. GL!

DwayneStacey (almost 10 years ago - 27 Apr 2011 10:33 UTC)

Hey Casey.
The exchange rate is fixed at $1.415/euro.
The cancellation clause is a good for me, hopefully we will only meet at the table on the final table.
good luck today.

IndigoMD (almost 10 years ago - 27 Apr 2011 11:08 UTC)

Casey, sorry, but i can’t understand what’s the problem to play at the same table with the player you bought shares from?! You just has to play your game and that’s all… If Dwane don’t identify himself, it would be even easier for you… :) Many people play this way and it is never a teamplay or smth..

Anyway, GL to both of you!

cibbicotti (almost 10 years ago - 27 Apr 2011 18:00 UTC)

In play??

ElShiva (almost 10 years ago - 27 Apr 2011 18:06 UTC)

Confirmed day 1b start, thursday 28th April.

Nope he starts tomorrow.

MDMWINS (almost 10 years ago - 27 Apr 2011 23:36 UTC)

gl DW!

Icemanando (almost 10 years ago - 28 Apr 2011 07:56 UTC)

Gl mate hope you win would be nice to see you take this down you deserve it!

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