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kickyourace - PokerStars - $109 NL Holdem $125K GTD - NL Holdem

Tournament information
2 PokerStars
Registered As: kickyourace1 Preview
Buyin $109 ($USD)
Approx first prize: $30,000
Tournament ID:
Start Date: 20 Dec 2010 05:00 (EST) Preview
1066th - 9 years ago
Share details
$7.95 per share (5.00%)
price/value 146%
Shares Available? 0 (0.0%)
Shares sold 10 (50.0%)
Player share 50%
Potential winnings per $7.95 share $1,500
Player payment options ChipMeUp $, FullTilt, PokerStars
Share Graph Event 87597
Event Results
Number of Players: 1,368
Finishing Position: 1,066
Cash Winnings: $0
Winnings per share: $0.00 (inc. stakeback) Return on Investment: -100.00% (inc. stakeback)
Results Entered: 20 Dec 2010 01:10
Prefer Stars here but will accept FTP or CMU as always. Two hours after my Sunday Millions. Nice Pay off if I go deep. Best example for this event would be the $163.00 Nightly 100K. My best finish was 3rd. My recent deep Sunday Million runs might be a decent example also. GL to us. I'm playing regardless of a sell out.

Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open0 (5.0% each)0.0%open
Agressor [profile]210.0%sold 
Equalizerrr [profile]15.0%sold via CMU$ 
Micon [profile]15.0%sold via CMU$ 
odyssey_2002 [profile]15.0%sold via CMU$ 
paramedic156 [profile]525.0%sold via CMU$ 
10/10 sold 
Player share - kickyourace [profile]50%Unavailable 


kickyourace (9 years ago - 20 Dec 2010 01:10 UTC)

a/q vs 66. all in pre flop. Guy flops the 6. rivers a full house.

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