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TonyG - WPT - London WPT - Main Event - NL Holdem

Tournament information
Registered As: Tony G
Buyin $8,250 ($USD)
Approx first prize: $1,000,000
Tournament ID:
Start Date: 30 Aug 2010 08:00 (EST)
30 Aug 2010 12:00 (GMT) Preview
40th - 9 years ago
Share details
$8.00 per share (0.08%)
price/value 121%
Shares Available? 0 (0.0%)
Shares sold 125 (10.0%)
Player share 90%
Potential winnings per $8.00 share $800
Player payment options ChipMeUp $
Share Graph Event 73116
Event Results
Number of Players: 110
Finishing Position: 40
Cash Winnings: $0
Winnings per share: $0.00 (inc. stakeback) Return on Investment: -100.00% (inc. stakeback)
Results Entered: 08 Sep 2010 13:17
No Description provided for this event

Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open0 (0.08% each)0.0%open
2poker2 [profile]40.32%sold via CMU$ 
9dJhQhKhAh [profile]30.24%sold via CMU$ 
adi1983 [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
alevoy [profile]20.16%sold via CMU$ 
AtrophiedFin [profile]100.8%sold via CMU$ 
Brandon_Adams [profile]100.8%sold via CMU$ 
Chipefant [profile]30.24%sold via CMU$ 
DaMatrix [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
deanblind [profile]20.16%sold via CMU$ 
dingowolf [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
DwayneStacey [profile]100.8%sold via CMU$ 
elaprendiz [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
Gazebo [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
iLopes [profile]20.16%sold via CMU$ 
InsaneBettor [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
kehrmachiiine [profile]20.16%sold via CMU$ 
Keybe [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
kgibson [profile]30.24%sold via CMU$ 
laert123 [profile]100.8%sold via CMU$ 
laverdad76 [profile]30.24%sold via CMU$ 
LeFrenchAero [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
marcdeg111 [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
mike040188 [profile]20.16%sold via CMU$ 
mike_78 [profile]30.24%sold via CMU$ 
MisterC [profile]90.72%sold via CMU$ 
mneube [profile]40.32%sold via CMU$ 
MrMuscleOI-87 [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
Neon [profile]20.16%sold via CMU$ 
offrdmom [profile]20.16%sold via CMU$ 
ongblap [profile]20.16%sold via CMU$ 
pokerproplaya08 [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
Poort [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
Ranchorelaxo [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
rawwolf [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
reLinq [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
rumNrasin [profile]20.16%sold via CMU$ 
Sepheron [profile]20.16%sold via CMU$ 
silvered [profile]20.16%sold via CMU$ 
smirkin [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
sondak [profile]20.16%sold via CMU$ 
supastan [profile]20.16%sold via CMU$ 
Tranen [profile]40.32%sold via CMU$ 
UKnB1mE [profile]10.08%sold via CMU$ 
WernerNL [profile]30.24%sold via CMU$ 
YouBeMyATM [profile]30.24%sold via CMU$ 
125/125 sold 
Player share - TonyG [profile]90%Unavailable 


top2pr (9 years ago - 14 Aug 2010 18:19 UTC)

Remember you are the “TABLE CAPTIAN”. Readdy to see ya on WPT FT again.

mike040188 (9 years ago - 15 Aug 2010 11:08 UTC)

good luck ^^

Chipefant (9 years ago - 29 Aug 2010 00:14 UTC)

good luck! A

LeFrenchAero (9 years ago - 30 Aug 2010 19:53 UTC)

Good luck to you!

Chipefant (9 years ago - 31 Aug 2010 09:15 UTC)

is there any Homepage where we can follow the tournament?

UKnB1mE (9 years ago - 31 Aug 2010 21:02 UTC)

i don’t know about chip counts but here are the live updates….skimmed through and didn’t see any mention of Tony

9dJhQhKhAh (9 years ago - 01 Sep 2010 03:09 UTC)

47,200 – Gouga, Tony

LeFrenchAero (9 years ago - 01 Sep 2010 11:25 UTC)

How many players in the money?

DwayneStacey (9 years ago - 01 Sep 2010 14:57 UTC)


mike040188 (9 years ago - 02 Sep 2010 16:01 UTC)

i don’t see tony gouga on the website, he’ve lost?

DwayneStacey (9 years ago - 02 Sep 2010 16:17 UTC)

he bust with 88 v AJ, turned set that filled straight and did not fill on river :( that was yesterday, recommend buying his high roller, think hes going to ship that.

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