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metadonk - Full Tilt - Meta's sunday combo - NL Holdem

Tournament information
3 Full Tilt
Registered As: metadonk Preview
Buyin $2,035 ($USD)
Approx first prize: $100,000
Tournament ID:
Start Date: 28 Mar 2010 16:00 (EST) Preview
finished - 9 years ago
Share details
$6.00 per share (0.20%)
price/value 147%
Shares Available? 127 (25.4%)
Shares sold 123 (24.6%)
Player share 50%
Potential winnings per $6.00 share $200
Player payment options ChipMeUp $, PokerStars, FullTilt
Share Graph Event 57321
Event Results
Number of Players: 1,080
Finishing Position: 49
Cash Winnings: $2,596
Winnings per share: $7.12 (inc. stakeback) Return on Investment: 18.67% (inc. stakeback)
Results Entered: 29 Mar 2010 04:21
Hey guys this is for Sunday March 28th and here is what this combo is going to include. Sunday 500 Pokerstars 530$ 500k gtd 150$ Rebuy 200K gtd full tilt 763$ Stars Second chance 215$ 250K gtd Ftp Sunday Mulligan 216$ Ftp 109$ 1rebuy 1addon 33K gtd If this event does not sell out i reserve the right to cancel it before it starts, or reserve the right to play some events and drop others thanks to all the people who suooprt any or all of my events/combo's

Too many shares to show pie chart.

Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open127 (0.2% each)25.4%open
 12725.4%unsoldEvent Complete
Adgee [profile]5010.0%paid out 
alessandro59 [profile]61.2%paid out 
desertwolf [profile]51.0%paid out 
DiuOn [profile]20.4%paid out 
honeybadger [profile]30.6%paid out 
horatio187 [profile]10.2%paid out 
Horst007 [profile]20.4%paid out 
InsaneBettor [profile]20.4%paid out 
JokAAStar [profile]30.6%paid out 
jonathan78 [profile]20.4%paid out 
kazumakino [profile]51.0%paid out 
kickyourace [profile]10.2%paid out 
KingLew888 [profile]51.0%paid out 
MDMWINS [profile]30.6%paid out 
migoutshee [profile]30.6%paid out 
MitchSmit [profile]20.4%paid out 
Mr_iPoker [profile]10.2%paid out 
philippe500 [profile]61.2%paid out 
regulator93 [profile]20.4%paid out 
rumNrasin [profile]40.8%paid out 
styleez [profile]10.2%paid out 
summitlake [profile]30.6%sold via CMU$ 
Takezo1980 [profile]102.0%paid out 
tonythepirat [profile]10.2%paid out 
123/250 sold 
Player share - metadonk [profile]50%Unavailable 


metadonk (9 years ago - 28 Mar 2010 15:03 UTC)

hey guys right now we have 112 sold for a total of 672$ i am probably playing the mulligan and second chance regardless, and im hoping to play the sunday 500 if we can sell some more before this gets going

philippe500 (9 years ago - 29 Mar 2010 02:31 UTC)

Finelly you played mulligan , 2nd chance and 500 ? that make 1002$ BI
we get 0.4%/ share then right ?

metadonk (9 years ago - 29 Mar 2010 04:19 UTC)

hey everyone i played mulligan second chance and sunday 500, to make it easiest the total $ that was allotted for 150R and 100 cubed will be put onto the winnings

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