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1/5 El Gordo ticket is 60$ + fee 1$ = 61$. Played online at check their site =) Higher PV due to compensate for CMU$ to Skrill and Skrill to bank fees. If this one is sold we will buy 1 more and so on....

El Gordo: Everything you need to know about Spain's Christmas lottery

If you're puzzled by all the long queues on streets around Spain in the lead-up to Christmas, then wonder no more. Welcome to Spain's unique 'El Gordo' (the Fat one) lottery, the richest in the world.
Every year at Christmas, Spaniards go lottery mad, queuing for hours to buy tickets for the famous Christmas lottery and this year it is bigger than ever.
The 2018 prize money will total €2.38 billion, with the top prize of €680 million known as El Gordo (the Fat One), being shared between all those with the winning numbers. It works out as a top prize of €400,000 per decimo (more on that later). 
The second prize per decimo is €125,000 and the third is €50,000.
Then there are two fourth prizes (€20,000 per decimo), eight fifth prizes (€6,000 per decimo) and 1,794 prizes of €100 per decimo. 
In all there will be 170 million decimos up for sale in total.
With the odds of winning at least something put at one in six, no wonder the Christmas lottery has a whole nation gripped. According to the 2016 stats, some 75.9 percent of the 34 million Spanish residents aged between 18 and 75 play the Spanish Christmas lottery.
Spain's state lottery estimates that in 2018 each Spaniard will spend, on average, €67.56 on Christmas lottery tickets, that's €1.4 more than in 2017.
The biggest spenders are in Castilla y Leon where the average spent by each resident is €104,02, those who spend least are in the enclaves of Melilla (€14.16) and Ceuta (14.53) followed by the Balearics where the average spend is €41.53.
El Gordo is a Spanish institution and the second oldest lottery in the world. The first Christmas lottery took place on 22nd December 1812 in Cádiz and the event has been taking place on the same day every year since.
Not even the Spanish Civil War could stop the Christmas lottery, which moved to Valencia when the Republican government had to relocate their capital from Madrid.
After the war, the lottery moved back to Madrid and continued under the regime of the dictator Francisco Franco.
How it works 
Because so many people in Spain take part in El Gordo, the ticketing system is complicated.
Unlike in the UK, for example, you don’t go into a newsagent and shade in the numbers you want on your lottery card. Instead, lottery shops have certain numbers available. 
This is why the big winners of the Christmas Lottery are usually from the same area: many people have bought tickets from the same shop which holds all the winning tickets.
This assigning of numbers to certain shops means if you want to 'play' a particular number, you might have to travel quite a way — or buy your tickets online.
It's also possible to track down where to buy your preferred number using online search tools like this one.
In terms of prizes, because so many people take part, numbers are repeated up to 165 times. That means if you do win El Gordo, you will be sharing your prize with at least 164 others. This explains why the top individual prize in the biggest lottery in the world comes in at a 'mere' €4 million.
One ticket (billete) costs a whopping €200, but many people choose to buy a tenth of a ticket (un décimo) for €20. Even smaller portions of tickets are sold: it is common for businesses to buy a ticket then sell small portions, or 'participaciones', of that ticket to their patrons for €1.

Bonus: If winnings >100.000$ then 25% of the net winnings will roll over in a new event where you will have the same share %. These will be high volume of hypers etc, these shares will be w/o stackeback since the risk should and is very low (Will be 6max turbos and hypers that fill fast). 

Winnings will be % of total wins paid out by LOTTOLAND minus all transfer fees (if we win big I guess bank xfer will be cheapest to do) If big win please also allow time for these xfers.

CMU, Skrill (PM for info) 



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MDMWINS (11 months ago - 01 Dec 2019 22:16 UTC)

gl us will post the ticket before 22nd and we hope we win ELGORDOAKA THE FAT ONE =)

Lolito78 (11 months ago - 01 Dec 2019 22:23 UTC)

Schabernack has 1/4 in one of my shares = 0,83%

Lolito78 (11 months ago - 01 Dec 2019 22:24 UTC)

0,83cents not %

MDMWINS (11 months ago - 05 Dec 2019 14:29 UTC)

Our lucky coupon =)

MDMWINS (11 months ago - 05 Dec 2019 15:14 UTC)

reserved are mine except 3 for ted and 6 for play1000

MDMWINS (11 months ago - 08 Dec 2019 20:36 UTC)

just 6 for play1000 now ted will grab

MDMWINS (11 months ago - 08 Dec 2019 21:04 UTC)

play1000 paid for

MDMWINS (11 months ago - 08 Dec 2019 22:08 UTC)

all sold all bought set to running gl us EL GORDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Lolito78 (10 months ago - 13 Dec 2019 00:32 UTC)

one ticket of mine for aikon

MDMWINS (10 months ago - 22 Dec 2019 17:36 UTC)

42$ last number as el gordo’

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