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Buyin $12,300 ($USD)
Approx first prize: $1,000,000
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Start Date: 30 Sep 2019 18:00 (EST)
01 Oct 2019 00:00 (Europe/Oslo) Preview
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$123.00 per share (1.00%)
price/value 100%
Shares Available? 60 (60.0%)
Shares sold 40 (40.0%)
Player share 0%
Potential winnings per $123.00 share $10,000
Player payment options Other
Share Graph Event 177147

Prospecting/Mining Project in Australia - 15th of Oct 2019 – 1st of May 2020 with a possibility for you to win a seat to the WSOP ME 2020!Soccersystems added as well each weekend!We won 16.500 in my first event!So,a win win situation with more than one chance to get a profit out of the project!Opals AND Soccersystems


Australian Opals has often been cited as accounting for 95–97% of the world's supply of precious opals.  

I Diamondxxx,a long time trusted member of CMU will now extend the last outback opal hunt in Australia!It will be 2 journeys,so the value will be great!Colour has also been found!

The shareholders from the last event has a value from each share valued at $49 each (will be paid out when equipment is sold and claim is cancelled in May 2020!Or you can sell it to someone!I will add each one of you,the old shareholders in the reserved shares!The old shareholders will get the first option to buy again!

If you don't want your new share!Then you can sell it for this value = $US 49 times the shares you had in the first event and I will add the new buyer!Value $US 49!So if you sell it,the total cost will be $US172 INVESTED!

I will add a new budget for 2 journeys but I will use ONE SUM for the project!I will only use this budget for things concerning the project to get going!Included in the next 2 journeys will be as seen below!Some things could cost more or less!This is just to show what you all get involved in!

2 Journeys,one from Europe plus the next one when i go Return to Asia when it is to hot in the outback!Approx 30-50 degrees in Dec,Jan but I leave in the end of Dec and stay in Asia approx 1 month!

I will also keep the lottery to win a ME WSOP for 2020 for all shareholders when the project is finished in the beginning of May 2020!We have to reach a profit in this project of approx $US 12.000 to have a lottery with ONE ticket for each share! It includes the buy-in to WSOP ME in Las Vegas including hotel!

I will also include winnings from different soccersystems in this event!This cost will be taken from each share and included in the budget!Weekly system on saturdays and sundays!In my last event a few years ago,then I had a free bonusevent for my investors and in the end I added a $US 16.500 winner for those shareholders to share!

So,as you can see!While I am mining for opals,then you also have a chance to win big in soccersystems!I will add all systems and a link in the event for all to follow the live updates!I will keep the private Skype group for all involved!A few videos will also be made when I get the time!

Of course,there is always a chance that we do not find any Opals so only invest what you are ready and can lose!We found colour and opals in the last trip and I found colour just before I left!So I believe it is a good chance to find a wealthy patch of opals in this mine!If we find darker pothch and colour on that material,then it pays good!In this trip I will cut and sell the opals straight away to local dealers visiting Lightning Ridge!

I will use our new budget for the following as seen below!I really need a caravan plus a decent environment,camp when I stay there for approx 5-6 months time!


Flight return for 2 journeys, local bus,and train trips,2-4 days hotel when I arrive and leave,larger generator, XTRA 3-foot hole at the claim for safety and airflow plus rings in the hole,hangladders for xtra 3 foot hole, approx TEN 9 inch holes to find where the opals are located in the claim, New claim plus bond (most likely not) [ $AU 700 ], Caravan, fuel, food, watertank, extended reg of car to May 2020, soccersystems, repairs of equipment,travelinsurance!

I will buy rough opals for a chance to double, triple the investment,cost $AU 2000 - $US 1400!People use to sell rough cheap nearer to christmas when it is getting hot!

The budget is above what we need but in case,then I added possible costs for all happenings!Money will most likely be left from this above budget plus added to winnings and paid out along with findings and sale of opals!The expenses when I stay in Asia 1 month is on my own expenses ofcourse!


If we do find Opals, then as an incentive for each share purchased you will get 1 ticket to a raffle where the first prize will be $US 12.000 to cover buy-in for Main Event and hotel. 

This winning shareholder will post event on CMU with 50% for himself and the rest distributed to all other share owners pro-ratio.So, if you have 10% in the Opal event then you will have approx. half that in the WSOP Main Event 2020 player. 

The winnings in this event/project will be distributed as follows;

$US 1 - $US 24.300 Back into event and paid out

Above $US 24.300+,1 shareholder will win the WSOP seat for $US 10.000 plus $US 2000 for hotel of this amount and the remaining will be paid out, minus 2% winnings that will be donated to respectable charities in the Revolut app plus others!Charities are WWF, ILGA-Europe, Save the Children!New ones will most likely be added by revolut!

If we hit real BIG,then I will send profits for each share via moneygram, bankwires, skrill, revolut, neteller, CMU Dollars!Please get these options available for the easiest way to move the profits,winnings between us!

Before you send money for the share/s to my skrill, neteller, revolut!Send me your full name and email used to send the money!If you send to my CMU account,then please send PM here on CMU!

The above payment methods is the ones you can use to pay for the shares!Fees occur using most services but Revolut is the best in my eyes!Then I place the projects money in one folder and my private funds on the side!It will also be easy for me to send you winnings from the project!Perfect!

Please get the revolut app and get a FREE VISA card!


Above budget can change slightly, if some funds are not used of course these will be refunded to the event. Also when tools etc can be sold after the 6 month of prospecting in May 2020, that will go into the prizepool as well.

D.S if I got some info wrong,then adjustments will be added below the event in comments!Also,use PM and Skype for communication!All reserved shares will be for the shareholders in the last event!Priority to get shares will be open for the old shareholders in the first place!

If someone don't want his new share including your value of $US 49 from the old event,then you can sell it!When you want your NEW share..Write in comments and I open it up for you to click!Or I can keep it reserved if you wish..Then we make a comment below event to make sure it has been paid!

Good luck US - DIAMONDxxx


Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open60 (1.0% each)60.0%open
Reserved (DIAMONDxxx)3131.0% Reserved
EERBEEKNL [profile]11.0%sold 
SnyggEddie [profile]88.0%payment sent 
9/69 sold 
Player share - DIAMONDxxx [profile]0%Unavailable 

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DIAMONDxxx (1 month ago - 17 Jul 2019 17:31 UTC)

Hi all,MDMWINS is very busy,so I made the event this time!I added xtra chances for us all to make a profit along the 6 months!Below is all shareholders from the last event!


Each shareholder below keep their value of $US 49 in value from the old event until I sell it all in May 2020 as stated above in the description!Please read it!Questions,just ask in the Skypegroup or send PM on CMU!

If you decide to sell your share please sell it for a total cost of $US 179(Price for new buyers)!Then the new shareholder has the value from the last event plus the upcoming!

These shareholders from the last event has this amount of shares!Adjustment for MDMWINS and tryAbluff!

My shares: 31 = Cost new shares = $US 3813 (Old shares=$US 1519)

Praetoire: 1 = Cost new share = $US 123 (Old shares=$US 49)

MDMWINS: 5 = Cost new share = $US 615 (Old shares=$US 185)

Richard Coultas: 1 = Cost new share = $US 123 (Old shares=$US 49)

TryAbluff: 5 = Cost new share = $US 615 (Old shares=$US 185)

SnyggEddie: 37 = Cost new share = $US 4470 (Old shares=$US 1813)

Swilliams7: 1 = Cost new share = $US 123 (Old shares=$US 49)

ranhhh: 1 = Cost new share = $US 123 (Old shares=$US 49)

Ted Smith: 1 = Cost new share = $US 123 (Old shares=$US 49)

Kiro: 2 = Cost new share = $US 246 (Old shares=$US 98)

marvinsytan888 = 1 Cost new share = $US 123 (Old shares=$US 49)

ERRBEEKNL: 1 = Cost new share = $US 123 (Old shares=$US 49)

Mr Luja: 1 = Cost new share = $US 123 (Old shares=$US 49)

Aquaraider: 1 = Cost new share = $US 123 (Old shares=$US 49)

Risethekraken: 2 = Cost new share = $US 246 (Old shares=$US 98)

Downeykid33: 1 = Cost new share = $US 123 (Old shares=$US 49)

Happydonk: 3 = Cost new share = $US 369 (Old shares=$US 147)

Rayray: 2 = Cost new share = $US 246 (Old shares=$US 98)

RobertWillis: 2 = Cost new share = $US 246 (Old shares=$US 98)

Svenator: 1 = Cost new share = $US 123 (Old shares=$US 49)




Please get the revolut app and get a FREE VISA card!


DIAMONDxxx (1 month ago - 17 Jul 2019 17:36 UTC)

Let me know what you think about the new event?I finished on the colour so I believe in it alot!

EERBEEKNL (1 month ago - 17 Jul 2019 23:05 UTC)

I take it next week on skrill

Let me know ok.

TED_SMITH (1 month ago - 18 Jul 2019 15:57 UTC)

Could I take 2 this time?

DIAMONDxxx (1 month ago - 18 Jul 2019 17:11 UTC)

If you sell your share from the last event,then it is 49 dollars ea and they send me 123 dollars for the new share!Let me know here if and when,so I can open the share to click!


Ted,that works if someone want to sell theirs!Ask members from the list or just ask here!

MrLuja (1 month ago - 18 Jul 2019 21:17 UTC)

Hi, can u reserve 1 shares for me, not sure how much I should send is it $129 – $49?

DIAMONDxxx (1 month ago - 19 Jul 2019 17:10 UTC)

Hi Mr Luja,all shares has been reserved at the same numbers like the list above!A share cost $US 123 but if you want to sell your share for $49 dollars(shares value from the last event),then it cost $US 172 for the buyer you sell it to!

DIAMONDxxx (1 month ago - 19 Jul 2019 17:16 UTC)

A list below of the shareholders in the old event!I register if you has sent money for your new share/s!Also ask me to open so you can click it!The best is Revolut of CMU for transfers!

My shares: 31 = PAID

Praetoire: 1 =


Richard Coultas: 1 =

TryAbluff: 5 =

SnyggEddie: 37 =

Swilliams7: 1 =

ranhhh: 1 =

Ted Smith: 1 =

Kiro: 2 =

marvinsytan888 = 1


Mr Luja: 1 =

Aquaraider: 1 =

Risethekraken: 2 =

Downeykid33: 1 =

Happydonk: 3 =

Rayray: 2 =

RobertWillis: 2 =

Svenator: 1 =

MDMWINS (1 month ago - 20 Jul 2019 14:52 UTC)

I can sell my 5 for 200$ if someone is interested

marvinsytan888 (1 month ago - 21 Jul 2019 13:00 UTC)

ill get 1 good luck Diamond

DIAMONDxxx (1 month ago - 24 Jul 2019 18:10 UTC)

Thanks Marvin!No rush to send money intill the beginning of Sep!But IF You Wish to send earlier,then CMU,Skrill or Revolut is the best!PM me for the email to skrill!To revolut You need to add My phone in contacts for us to transfer between eachother!

DIAMONDxxx (1 month ago - 24 Jul 2019 18:12 UTC)

When you have sent for your share,PM me and l open above for You to click!

kirobritona5 (26 days ago - 28 Jul 2019 12:14 UTC)

Hi, I will take my 2 shares and sent close to start gl :)

DIAMONDxxx (26 days ago - 28 Jul 2019 19:29 UTC)

All good Kiro,ty for info!

EERBEEKNL (26 days ago - 28 Jul 2019 20:05 UTC)

Pay with skrill ok ?

Pm me mail pls

DIAMONDxxx (26 days ago - 28 Jul 2019 20:21 UTC)

Hi EERBEEKNL,Skrill is fine but revolut is THE best:))No fees!

TED_SMITH (25 days ago - 29 Jul 2019 17:02 UTC)

I have martins 5 + my 1 so 6 total

Svenator (24 days ago - 30 Jul 2019 08:01 UTC)

Hi – Will keep my share and send closer to start (would be great you can send reminder :D)

DIAMONDxxx (23 days ago - 31 Jul 2019 17:04 UTC)

Ok Ted and Svenator..All Good!

DIAMONDxxx (18 days ago - 05 Aug 2019 21:19 UTC)

News – Register with this link and get a Revolut VISA card free of charge!Revolut gives great exchange rates plus alot more!Your first card payment and revolut gives You US$20!!G10D21

This makes it easier for us to transfer between eachother!

DIAMONDxxx (14 days ago - 09 Aug 2019 17:46 UTC)



RlseTheKraken (5 days ago - 18 Aug 2019 16:29 UTC)

will sell my 2 shares if any anyone wants them allready paid out my smallers so just grab 2 and send me 98.00 for payment from equipment I still have part in TY n GL ACR or CMU for them

TED_SMITH (5 days ago - 18 Aug 2019 16:56 UTC)

I have 3 that are for sale pm for info

TryABluffPLS (3 days ago - 20 Aug 2019 20:06 UTC)

Hi – Will keep my share and send closer to start (would be great you can send reminder :D)

DIAMONDxxx (8 hours ago - 23 Aug 2019 11:15 UTC)

Ok Try,THE best is to click your share,then You get a mail When l send info!Also to all other shareholders!You have 49 dollars in value for each share…Please write here if You want or dont want your new share!Then it is easier to sell it in case!

DIAMONDxxx (8 hours ago - 23 Aug 2019 11:46 UTC)

The reserved shares are my own!Please click your shares if you want them for this new event!The people on the list from the old event has the first option to get shares!

If someone sell their old share/s..Call it MU 49 dollars each share from the old event,please make sure they send the 49 dollars to you and then click share and pay me 123 dollars for the share above!The new buyer taking your share/s,has to pay 172 dollars in total..

So,if someone want more shares or sell old ones!Please write here!Hopefully I can buy some shares for the full value as well = 49 dollars from old event!I know more in the beginning of October or the end of Sep!

When you click for your share!Please send the money not later than the last of september!Easiest way and less fees if you send by REVOLUT!Skrill works too if you like fees!If you send CMU,please add the fee!I believe 3.5% to withdraw!

Revolut gives great exchange rates plus alot more!Your first card payment and revolut gives You US$20!


DIAMONDxxx (7 hours ago - 23 Aug 2019 11:59 UTC)

The Revolut gift is only valid 4 more days!

ranhhh (3 hours ago - 23 Aug 2019 16:41 UTC)

if any1 is intrested will sell my 49 $ share for 20 $

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