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Shmendric - Other - Las Vegas Summer (WSOP, Venetian, Golden Nugget)

Tournament information
Other Other
Registered As: User has not supplied their screen name for this event.
Buyin $1,500 ($USD)
Approx first prize: $500,000
Tournament ID:
Start Date: 25 Jun 2019 19:00 (EST) Preview
finished - 12 months ago
Share details
$4.75 per share (0.25%)
price/value 127%
Shares Available? 0 (0.0%)
Shares sold 100 (25.0%)
Player share 75%
Potential winnings per $4.75 share $1,250
Player payment options ChipMeUp $, PokerStars
Share Graph Event 176811
Event Results
Number of Players: 250
Finishing Position: 15
Cash Winnings: $595
Winnings per share: $1.88 (inc. stakeback) Return on Investment: -60.42% (inc. stakeback)
Results Entered: 03 Jul 2019 05:33

Back to Vegas after five years!!!

My buddy 'TryABluffPLS', another friend of mine and I will be going on a 8-day trip to Vegas to play WSOP, Grand Poker Series @ Golden Nugget, Deepstack Championship Poker Series @ Venetian and some other tourneys. This is actually the second time, him and me are going to Vegas and last time we not only had a blast, we also had some noteable scores e.g. at the Deepstack Extravaganza.

There is some 2- and 3-day MTTs included in my schedule, which might run into other scheduled and/or other tourneys, so please see below's table as an overview on what tourneys are planned to be played for this event:



Other possible tourneys

June 25: $600 Deepstack Championship (Event 59)   June 28: $600 NLHE Championship Event Day 1b (GN)
June 26: $400 Colossus Day 1a (Event 61)   June 29: $400 NLHE Superstack (Venetian)
June 27: $400 Colossus Day 1b (Event 61)   June 30: $250 PLO Deepstack (Rio)

Full schedules of WSOP 2019, Deepstack Championship Poker Series @ Venetian and Grand Poker Series @ Golden Nuggel can be found here:


Important notes:

  • The event will only cover a maximum of $1,500 of buyins in the above tourneys. Exceeding the roll will lead into only partially counting for this event.
  • Above note will not take effect, if there are already returns from other tourneys prior to the start of a tourneys that would exceed buyins of $1,500.
  • I definately will be playing other tourneys during our trip, but only above listed tourneys will count for this event.
  • Additional prizes such as WSOP bracelets or possible qualification to later tourneys do not count towards the prize pool.
  • Comments on which tourneys are played and which will be skipped for whatevere reason will always be posted before the tourneys start.
  • Updates are posted as often as possible, but you guys know how Vegas sometimes gets ;)
  • Please allow me some time to do all cashouts due to cashing in live money back to online in case of a or more bigger scores.


Thank you for your support and good luck!


Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open0 (0.25% each)0.0%open
ch170175 [profile]10.25%paid out 
CPU_Staker [profile]20.5%paid out 
EERBEEKNL [profile]30.75%paid out 
MDMWINS [profile]102.5%paid out 
MrLuja [profile]82.0%paid out 
rkleefstra [profile]10.25%paid out 
TED_SMITH [profile]307.5%paid out 
TryABluffPLS [profile]4010.0%paid out 
whitecow [profile]51.25%paid out 
100/100 sold 
Player share - Shmendric [profile]75%Unavailable 


Shmendric (about 1 year ago - 25 May 2019 13:16 UTC)

30 shares reserved for TED_SMITH as asked for via PM.

Shmendric (about 1 year ago - 25 May 2019 13:23 UTC)

40 shares reserved for TryABluffPLS.

rkleefstra (about 1 year ago - 27 May 2019 09:51 UTC)

GL !

MrLuja (about 1 year ago - 31 May 2019 18:08 UTC)

Will send closer to start, gl (-:

RAYRAYRAYRAY (about 1 year ago - 02 Jun 2019 15:01 UTC)

Could u send your hendommob plz?

Shmendric (12 months ago - 09 Jun 2019 08:37 UTC)

Two more weeks!!!

I will send my Hendon Mob profile as soon as buying ended to let you guys have my real name for maybe close coverage on casino’s sites etc. Also it’s easier for you to know who to cheer for on ESPN :-D

MDMWINS (12 months ago - 09 Jun 2019 20:38 UTC)


CPU_Staker (12 months ago - 11 Jun 2019 23:32 UTC)

Paid Good luck

CPU_Staker (12 months ago - 12 Jun 2019 00:42 UTC)

1/2 of 1 my Shares for Schabernack GL :)

TED_SMITH (12 months ago - 12 Jun 2019 12:39 UTC)

$$$ all sent mate good luck

Shmendric (12 months ago - 12 Jun 2019 13:43 UTC)

CPU & TED received, ty!

Shmendric (12 months ago - 17 Jun 2019 07:56 UTC)

Weeeee, six more days before departure!

MrLuja (12 months ago - 19 Jun 2019 15:09 UTC)

Sent stars glgl

Shmendric (12 months ago - 19 Jun 2019 15:40 UTC)

All shares are paid now, our flight leaves in three days and less than 14 hours and I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!

Shmendric (11 months ago - 27 Jun 2019 17:01 UTC)

Combo starting with Colossus 1b just now.

Shmendric (11 months ago - 27 Jun 2019 19:19 UTC)

72.3k after three levels.

Shmendric (11 months ago - 28 Jun 2019 00:12 UTC)

Went up 135k shortly after that, but dropped to 30k now after AQs vs. Set3’s :-(

Blinds are at 600/1.2k/1.2k…

Shmendric (11 months ago - 28 Jun 2019 04:29 UTC)

Geez, been writing on my mobile mostly, but the wifi and shit didn’t post three of my updates and comments, I guess…

I busted in level 13 with KQo from the button, pushing 9BB into BB’s A9o – no help – good game!

Shmendric (11 months ago - 28 Jun 2019 04:32 UTC)

The first tourney I played here in Vegas was a $1.1k @ Binion’s, which I made it to day 2 and into the money, therefore I did not play the Deepstack Championship on June 25 and also skipped the Colossus Day 1a, because I was just too tired in general.

So for now, only Colossus 1b was played with no cash. The $600 NLHE Championship at Golden Nugget will be played for sure, but I am not sure if tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Will let you know before the start!

Shmendric (11 months ago - 28 Jun 2019 19:50 UTC)

Busted 2nd level of the $600, playing a second bullet now, which is not gonna count towards event.

Flopped top2 w/ K10s on K107-board with two clubs not my suit. I check-raised to a lot (he was not the initial raiser) and he 4-bet AI, which I called, he showed K9s of clubs, turn clubs – busto!

Shmendric (11 months ago - 29 Jun 2019 23:59 UTC)

The Superstack @ The Venetian will be played in round about 75mins, hopefully having a cash there! Also, I am planning to play the PLO @ Rio’s tomorrow, which will count 100 % to the event, even it is exceeding the event roll by $150 if I do not cash today.

MDMWINS (11 months ago - 02 Jul 2019 15:21 UTC)

Any updates?

Shmendric (11 months ago - 03 Jul 2019 05:32 UTC)

Came back yesterday late evening after almost 24 hours on the road/plane/train and had a good nite sleep before updating the event now.

Unfortunately the event didn’t go quite as well as TAB’s event, but still I cashed the very last tourney for the combo and finished 15th of ~250 players @ Rio’s PLO for $595. I am covering the overspent money from my own pocket, so the only cash will go 100 % the roll.

Thank you for your investment, will take care of the payouts in just a couple of days.

Shmendric (11 months ago - 03 Jul 2019 07:20 UTC)

TED’s the last one not having received funds yet, need to cash-in funds again from live to online, but that’s only a question of a couple of days.

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