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opiodeyes - Black Chip Poker - $250 roll 72 hours 5k freeroll added

Tournament information
Other Black Chip Poker
Registered As: FancyFish
Buyin $250 ($USD)
Approx first prize: $100,000
Tournament ID:
Start Date: 16 Sep 2018 06:00 (EST) Preview
cancelled - over 1 year ago
Share details
$3.00 per share (1.00%)
price/value 120%
Shares Available? 40 (40.0%)
Shares sold 0 (0.0%)
Player share 60%
Potential winnings per $3.00 share $1,000
Player payment options ChipMeUp $, Americas Card Room
Share Graph Event 173996

$250 bankroll with 72 hours of playing.  I am going to sale 40% unless someone wants to take all shares and we can make a deal.

I will be playing mostly mtts 1- $22  If i play anything over $22 that comes out of my pocket.  Example, if i play a $55 tournament $22 comes from bankroll and $33 comes from my pocket.

I will keep a spreadsheet and will share it to your gmail if you would like.  I will update daily and you can watch on twitch if you would like or stay up to date on my twitter.

twitter@roundern and you can keep up to date on CMU in my profile for twitter.


Bust hands will be included, PT4 is being used.


On the 23rd I am playing a 5k freeroll.  That is included in this package.  It may take one week to payout **FOR THE FREEROLL*


I can payout big scores however you would like.  If you dont have yet you should get it, its great, one wallet with everything.


Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open40 (1.0% each)40.0%open
 4040.0%openshare buying finished
0/40 sold 
Player share - opiodeyes [profile]60%Unavailable