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opiodeyes - Global Poker - Thirsty Thursday Global MTT Package-

Tournament information
Other Global Poker
Registered As: UncutSlong
Buyin $281 ($USD)
Tournament ID:
Start Date: 13 Jul 2018 02:00 (EST) Preview
finished - 7 months ago
Share details
$3.00 per share (1.00%)
price/value 107%
Shares Available? 37 (37.0%)
Shares sold 3 (3.0%)
Player share 60%
Player payment options ChipMeUp $
Share Graph Event 173410
Event Results
Cash Winnings: $68
Winnings per share: $0.73 (inc. stakeback) Return on Investment: -75.67% (inc. stakeback)
Results Entered: 13 Jul 2018 04:32

I will be playing a $281 bankroll on global poker starting t 5pm central time. I will be starting with the 1k  deep at 5pm on Global Poker. Username is B@LLzDeep if you would like to sharkscope.  





I will be playing from micro to the 7500 thursday Throttle with a $110 buyin.  

I am adding the 500 bonanza for free.  If you are familiar with global you play 50 cash hands a day and get into this tournament for like 10 cents. 

On sunday I have qualified for the 5k tournament and I will also be adding this.  

Once we are in profit at the end of the day you can let me know if you woud like to rollover to a sunday which I will play a lot of tournaments that day as well. 

All rebuys not used will be returned to the bankroll.

Payments:  I can only take CMU because this is my first action to sale.  I can payout different ways including BTC, zellepay, apple, really any kind of payment except pokerstars, i dont have pokerstars, but i believe we could get a trade for that as well. 


Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open37 (1.0% each)37.0%open
 3737.0%unsoldEvent Complete
DALIAALLIN [profile]11.0%paid out 
Schabernack [profile]11.0%paid out 
ZBNightOwl62 [profile]11.0%paid out 
3/40 sold 
Player share - opiodeyes [profile]60%Unavailable 

Site Type Title/Description Tournament ID Placing # Players Buyin Winnings
1 +

opiodeyes (7 months ago - 12 Jul 2018 18:01 UTC)


5pm 1k gtd deep $11
530 500 gtd 1r1a$10
630 500 gtd 1r1a$10 6 max
7pm 7k gtd reb $25(5.50)8pm 7500 turbo $110
715 4max turbo 4
8pm Free 500 bonanza
815 750 gtd rebuy 6max 16$
9pm $33 1500 gtd 6max
Sunday 5k bonanza added on same % you have for this you will be given for the 5k on Sunday.

opiodeyes (7 months ago - 12 Jul 2018 20:14 UTC)

8pm Thursday Throttle 7500 gtd

opiodeyes (7 months ago - 12 Jul 2018 20:27 UTC)

7:40 Daily 750 gtd rebuy 6 max $20
500 gtd 1r1a 16
1k gtd rebuy 15
1500 gtd rebuy at 1015 21$

Total tournament buyins inlcluding rebuys and addons are 291. I am sure all rebuys wont be used and will go back into the pot so total buyins should still be at 281 or under .

opiodeyes (7 months ago - 13 Jul 2018 01:41 UTC)

Results as of 840pm

1k gtd deep -11 59 place
500 1r1a -7 76th place
500 1r1a 6nax -10 54th
7k rebuy -16
250gtd 4 max -4 19th

opiodeyes (7 months ago - 13 Jul 2018 02:09 UTC)

750 gtd plo rebuy -16 37th
500 gtd 1r1a -16 21st
bonanza 500 gtd -0
7500 gtd -110 31st

500 GTD 1r1a -11 77th

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