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aafrancis - PokerStars PT - Running Roll and FS with possible MU

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Registered As: crazyfrancis
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Start Date: 18 May 2018 13:30 (EST)
18 May 2018 18:30 (Europe/Lisbon) Preview
cancelled - 8 months ago
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This will be a Running-Roll and Full-stake event with possible MU for next one !

1ªs don't expect volume in this event , the volume will be extremely low !

My main foco it's Cash Game , I have job too , so i can play more on weekends .

If you are with rush don't buy shares in this event.

I will play this Roll with 50 euros which it's 60$ (conversion at 1.2 , which will  be the same at the end)  on .

                +1 $ creation event

           =  61 $

For this event I will play :
  • MTT's from >= 1 and <= 5 Euros (only exception will be Big 3 which i can re-enter and the value rises to 6)
  • Turbos , Regulars and Ko's .
  • Some sattys could be played and if win seat i will play or put in prize pool.

Notes : All KO's count to Bankroll . 


Double up or  soon if we go broke (hope no) .

After finish this event i will create another one similar , so if investors want to maintain the mu needs to buy for next event , i will send medssage before to advice again.


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