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ZeluspaCQQ - Americas Cardroom - FREEBIE

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294 Americas Cardroom
Registered As: ZeluspaCQQ
Buyin $1 ($USD)
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Start Date: 01 Jan 2019 00:00 (EST) Preview
running - 5 months
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Shares sold 197 (49.25%)
Player share 50%
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 30.75%openshare buying finished
1_tyme_baby [profile]10.25%sold 
6string55 [profile]10.25%sold 
8a214 [profile]10.25%sold 
968837 [profile]10.25%sold 
abeno12000 [profile]10.25%sold 
aceholeAA [profile]10.25%sold 
Affluenza [profile]10.25%sold 
Aikon [profile]10.25%sold 
alexmic9 [profile]10.25%sold 
alexnemo [profile]10.25%sold 
Alextz30 [profile]10.25%sold 
allesistmein [profile]10.25%sold 
amanosa [profile]10.25%sold 
angelos29 [profile]10.25%sold 
apocaylpse [profile]10.25%sold 
arctic11 [profile]10.25%sold 
baffaert [profile]10.25%sold 
BareenaKing [profile]10.25%sold 
bax92 [profile]10.25%sold 
BigEz1 [profile]10.25%sold 
BigVad [profile]10.25%sold 
BluffTwice [profile]10.25%sold 
bob010101 [profile]10.25%sold 
Bob_Sacamano [profile]10.25%sold 
bossrm [profile]10.25%sold 
brami79 [profile]10.25%sold 
ch170175 [profile]10.25%sold 
ChazzRienhold [profile]10.25%sold 
chris1975 [profile]10.25%sold 
ChrisTus2000 [profile]10.25%sold 
ChuckNORAIZE [profile]10.25%sold 
CJ_Trip [profile]10.25%sold 
clemideluxe [profile]10.25%sold 
Cooperdec7 [profile]10.25%sold 
CPU_Staker [profile]10.25%sold 
Csillag [profile]10.25%sold 
Ctidvaul [profile]10.25%sold 
CZDonkey [profile]10.25%sold 
DaBruns [profile]10.25%sold 
Dacious [profile]10.25%sold 
DALIAALLIN [profile]10.25%sold 
daniduke85 [profile]10.25%sold 
david999 [profile]10.25%sold 
dealmeacez [profile]10.25%sold 
Deeplone [profile]10.25%sold 
denizmah [profile]10.25%sold 
diamond2012 [profile]10.25%sold 
Diemti2333 [profile]10.25%sold 
Dina100385 [profile]10.25%sold 
DJWho123 [profile]10.25%sold 
DomiBuu [profile]10.25%sold 
dopie13 [profile]10.25%sold 
downykid33 [profile]10.25%sold 
Drbottlecap10 [profile]10.25%sold 
Dreamfrog9 [profile]10.25%sold 
DrGreenthumb [profile]10.25%sold 
EERBEEKNL [profile]10.25%sold 
eulbraco [profile]10.25%sold 
ferdy1985 [profile]10.25%sold 
fharmas [profile]10.25%sold 
foz1977 [profile]10.25%sold 
FTWLTG [profile]10.25%sold 
fuzzylander [profile]10.25%sold 
gbarra [profile]10.25%sold 
gerrrry [profile]10.25%sold 
GhostlyDude [profile]10.25%sold 
Godek69 [profile]10.25%sold 
goekme1 [profile]10.25%sold 
grahamjnz [profile]10.25%sold 
Hamlet77 [profile]10.25%sold 
hannyug [profile]10.25%sold 
hateraises [profile]10.25%sold 
Heisenberg5150 [profile]10.25%sold 
Himbourg [profile]10.25%sold 
HoopsHH [profile]10.25%sold 
iliaspatrik [profile]10.25%sold 
Jack7Ass [profile]10.25%sold 
Jaffa1981 [profile]10.25%sold 
JohnnyStr8face [profile]10.25%sold 
JosheroP [profile]10.25%sold 
jrx1908 [profile]10.25%sold 
jurgen1 [profile]10.25%sold 
K37 [profile]10.25%sold 
keiron9000 [profile]10.25%sold 
kev6999 [profile]10.25%sold 
kgoule [profile]10.25%sold 
kidzoltan [profile]10.25%sold 
kirobritona5 [profile]10.25%sold 
kris_mod [profile]10.25%sold 
LegendJack98 [profile]10.25%sold 
Leysen1880 [profile]10.25%sold 
liberesto [profile]10.25%sold 
ltldragon [profile]10.25%sold 
Luckbox1608 [profile]10.25%sold 
LuckotR [profile]10.25%sold 
luckymoney [profile]10.25%sold 
luisfsv88 [profile]10.25%sold 
MagicGog [profile]10.25%sold 
marcdeg111 [profile]10.25%sold 
MarkAbrantes [profile]10.25%sold 
Marty5100 [profile]10.25%sold 
marvinsytan888 [profile]10.25%sold 
matarip [profile]10.25%sold 
mathieupoker [profile]10.25%sold 
MBG [profile]10.25%sold 
mcedger [profile]10.25%sold 
Melissa66 [profile]10.25%sold 
mfae1 [profile]10.25%sold 
Michael.bets [profile]10.25%sold 
MoneyToo86 [profile]10.25%sold 
moonieman23 [profile]10.25%sold 
MrLuja [profile]10.25%sold 
mspessatto [profile]10.25%sold 
mukhordina [profile]10.25%sold 
Nasko2310 [profile]10.25%sold 
nativerez [profile]10.25%sold 
Nocturnal98 [profile]10.25%sold 
nojgib [profile]10.25%sold 
NolaSaint [profile]10.25%sold 
Noodles503 [profile]10.25%sold 
nvrgohomeagain [profile]10.25%sold 
online2014 [profile]10.25%sold 
OnPatrol86 [profile]10.25%sold 
Pablo [profile]10.25%sold 
PanhandlerPoker [profile]10.25%sold 
paulo349 [profile]10.25%sold 
paulo_phg [profile]10.25%sold 
PauLWeLLeR84 [profile]10.25%sold 
pepelinko [profile]10.25%sold 
Pinksun [profile]10.25%sold 
PINOY_HITMAN777 [profile]10.25%sold 
pinto23 [profile]10.25%sold 
pokermc [profile]10.25%sold 
pokerpixie73 [profile]10.25%sold 
PokerShame [profile]10.25%sold 
poker_koenvw [profile]10.25%sold 
Poort [profile]10.25%sold 
pwning_fish [profile]10.25%sold 
ranhhh [profile]10.25%sold 
RavensUC [profile]10.25%sold 
Raymond1976 [profile]10.25%sold 
RAYRAYRAYRAY [profile]10.25%sold 
rbd_janne [profile]10.25%sold 
Redflower [profile]10.25%sold 
Reginald91 [profile]10.25%sold 
RiverMaker21 [profile]10.25%sold 
rkleefstra [profile]10.25%sold 
RlseTheKraken [profile]10.25%sold 
RobbingUBlind [profile]10.25%sold 
Robertcooperiii [profile]10.25%sold 
RTKabuto [profile]10.25%sold 
Samsonate [profile]10.25%sold 
sandybois [profile]10.25%sold 
sankit [profile]10.25%sold 
Schabernack [profile]10.25%sold 
seedcleanerz [profile]10.25%sold 
Setregon [profile]10.25%sold 
sflpoker [profile]10.25%sold 
sherox [profile]10.25%sold 
shulclife [profile]10.25%sold 
silrak [profile]10.25%sold 
silverchaser [profile]10.25%sold 
silvinonene [profile]10.25%sold 
Slater55 [profile]10.25%sold 
smarlin14 [profile]10.25%sold 
SNB [profile]10.25%sold 
SonicGeko [profile]10.25%sold 
soon2b [profile]10.25%sold 
SPARTAKHUS [profile]10.25%sold 
stakemebig [profile]10.25%sold 
steriko [profile]10.25%sold 
SuperDuperVol [profile]10.25%sold 
swilliams7 [profile]10.25%sold 
sZRAMEK [profile]10.25%sold 
tally49 [profile]10.25%sold 
tapdatace [profile]10.25%sold 
TED_SMITH [profile]10.25%sold 
teppowinnipeg [profile]10.25%sold 
THENUTSRIGHT [profile]10.25%sold 
ThePlanner71 [profile]10.25%sold 
tjerr0 [profile]20.5%sold 
Tomsash [profile]10.25%sold 
TrolliEske [profile]10.25%sold 
TryABluffPLS [profile]10.25%sold 
tterrell5 [profile]10.25%sold 
vcwhr666 [profile]10.25%sold 
vlaanderen77 [profile]10.25%sold 
wagnerx2000 [profile]10.25%sold 
whiteoctapus [profile]10.25%sold 
wizzadd [profile]10.25%sold 
xarunasx [profile]10.25%sold 
xfairguy [profile]10.25%sold 
YaniZhikov [profile]10.25%sold 
ZBNightOwl62 [profile]10.25%sold 
zlatan_strong [profile]10.25%sold 
__DAVE__ [profile]10.25%sold 
197/200 sold 
Player share - ZeluspaCQQ [profile]50%Unavailable 


Raymond1976 (2 years ago - 16 Jan 2017 11:44 UTC)


RlseTheKraken (2 years ago - 16 Jan 2017 13:06 UTC)

Ty and GL

hannyug (2 years ago - 16 Jan 2017 14:08 UTC)


goekme1 (2 years ago - 27 Mar 2017 20:04 UTC)

Thx and gl!

MBG (2 years ago - 03 Apr 2017 00:51 UTC)


Cooperdec7 (2 years ago - 26 May 2017 19:40 UTC)

584 days till tourney lol?

silrak (almost 2 years ago - 09 Jul 2017 20:35 UTC)

Gl, some description required? Will you play when it’s filled up?

MrLuja (almost 2 years ago - 09 Aug 2017 19:57 UTC)

thank you and gl (-:

MDMWINS (over 1 year ago - 10 Oct 2017 11:35 UTC)


MDMWINS (over 1 year ago - 20 Nov 2017 12:24 UTC)

btw what is this ?

aafrancis (over 1 year ago - 20 Nov 2017 13:14 UTC)


MDMWINS (over 1 year ago - 13 Jan 2018 12:12 UTC)

what is this mate? :)

LuckotR (over 1 year ago - 14 Jan 2018 09:21 UTC)


MDMWINS (over 1 year ago - 19 Jan 2018 07:29 UTC)

allocating my share to dave dont like to have shares in stuff i dont know what is :) GL Tho :)

RlseTheKraken (12 months ago - 30 May 2018 23:13 UTC)

I’m getting so excited only 215 Day to Goooooooo!

ZBNightOwl62 (12 months ago - 31 May 2018 22:12 UTC)

+1 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

fuzzylander (9 months ago - 17 Aug 2018 16:49 UTC)

I honestly think zelu is awol.

RlseTheKraken (8 months ago - 26 Sep 2018 11:19 UTC)

Less than 100 Days to Go OMG! OMG! its getting so close Happy Dance Time Wooooot.

RlseTheKraken (5 months ago - 01 Jan 2019 13:59 UTC)

could be a check in the Mail Problem :(

RlseTheKraken (5 months ago - 01 Jan 2019 13:59 UTC)

could be a check in the Mail Problem :(

THENUTSRIGHT (5 months ago - 08 Jan 2019 00:30 UTC)

Happy New Year! 2019

brooker10 (4 months ago - 16 Jan 2019 01:23 UTC)

Remove mine please

robertwillis (4 months ago - 25 Jan 2019 15:18 UTC)

Remove my share please ty

EERBEEKNL (4 months ago - 05 Feb 2019 22:42 UTC)

Remove my share pls

poker_koenvw (1 month ago - 13 Apr 2019 16:00 UTC)

It’s a long term deal

RlseTheKraken (9 days ago - 18 May 2019 00:01 UTC)

The Silence is Deafening :(

TryABluffPLS (3 days ago - 23 May 2019 19:50 UTC)

remove my share pls

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