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DaMatrix - PokerStars - SUNDAY MILLION

Tournament information
2 PokerStars
Registered As: SC4RF4CE Preview
Buyin $215 ($USD)
Approx first prize: $200,000
Tournament ID:
Start Date: 22 Jan 2017 15:00 (EST)
22 Jan 2017 20:00 (Europe/London) Preview
Share details
$0.52 per share (0.20%)
price/value 121%
Shares Available? 112 (22.4%)
Shares sold 188 (37.6%)
Player share 40%
Potential winnings per $0.52 share $400
Player payment options ChipMeUp $
Share Graph Event 164404

**** $215 SUNDAY MILLION ****

Happy New Year all! Looking to ship the SM after returning from a holiday in Antigua... ;)

Plays when SOLD OUT or close to. Event postponed to the next available SUNDAY that I can play if not sold out.

Thank you and good luck!

Too many shares to show pie chart.

Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open112 (0.2% each)22.4%open
Aikon [profile]255.0%sold 
BigVad [profile]10.2%sold 
busfahrer53b [profile]10.2%sold 
CreamClub [profile]30.6%sold 
dbagr [profile]102.0%sold 
DJWho123 [profile]20.4%sold 
FoxyB [profile]387.6%sold 
gerrrry [profile]10.2%sold 
goekme1 [profile]10.2%sold 
hannyug [profile]20.4%sold 
HOTGUN [profile]244.8%sold 
online2014 [profile]10.2%sold 
Pinksun [profile]20.4%sold 
PolarCTR [profile]20.4%sold 
RlseTheKraken [profile]102.0%sold 
robertwillis [profile]51.0%sold 
roubs [profile]20.4%sold 
silvinonene [profile]20.4%sold 
SonicGeko [profile]10.2%sold 
tapdatace [profile]30.6%sold 
TroepHero [profile]51.0%sold 
TryABluffPLS [profile]285.6%sold 
Victrinox [profile]40.8%sold 
wizzadd [profile]10.2%sold 
ZBNightOwl62 [profile]20.4%sold 
ZeluspaCQQ [profile]91.8%sold 
__DAVE__ [profile]30.6%sold 
188/300 sold 
Player share - DaMatrix [profile]40%Unavailable 


hannyug (11 days ago - 07 Jan 2017 05:29 UTC)


DaMatrix (4 days ago - 14 Jan 2017 19:23 UTC)

ty hanny, gl

DaMatrix (3 days ago - 15 Jan 2017 17:03 UTC)

Likely that I will move this to Sunday 22nd January as still settling in after returning from holiday yesterday. Cheers.

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