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diamond2012 - PokerStars - my new upcoming event notification

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2 PokerStars
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Start Date: 06 Jan 2020 15:00 (EST) Preview
cancelled - 6 months ago
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Shares Available? 4907 (98.14%)
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Hi friends ,

buy a share now and you ll be notified about all my upcoming event shares. thanks for the support and goodluck all

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Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open4907 (0.02% each)98.14%open
 490798.14%openshare buying finished
0X-NONO-X0 [profile]10.02%refunded 
32kidpoker1982 [profile]10.02%refunded 
71480254 [profile]10.02%refunded 
9723 [profile]10.02%refunded 
aceholeAA [profile]10.02%refunded 
allesistmein [profile]10.02%refunded 
amanosa [profile]10.02%refunded 
aob_buzz [profile]10.02%refunded 
araneo620 [profile]10.02%refunded 
bax92 [profile]10.02%refunded 
Beardownman [profile]10.02%refunded 
BigEz1 [profile]10.02%refunded 
blue_dsrt [profile]10.02%refunded 
brami79 [profile]10.02%refunded 
byshako [profile]10.02%refunded 
Chillipops [profile]10.02%refunded 
chocolate [profile]10.02%refunded 
chris1975 [profile]10.02%refunded 
colono777 [profile]10.02%refunded 
Cooperdec7 [profile]10.02%refunded 
cWOW2 [profile]10.02%refunded 
dailocjai [profile]10.02%refunded 
Daymein123 [profile]10.02%refunded 
dealmeacez [profile]10.02%refunded 
Diemti2333 [profile]10.02%refunded 
Drakosha [profile]10.02%refunded 
drzoff [profile]10.02%refunded 
DukPoker [profile]10.02%refunded 
dylsta [profile]10.02%refunded 
elgitano [profile]10.02%refunded 
espinavfc [profile]10.02%refunded 
ESvsRUS [profile]10.02%refunded 
fabiop [profile]10.02%refunded 
fanitza [profile]10.02%refunded 
fuzzylander [profile]10.02%refunded 
gbarra [profile]10.02%refunded 
GDimitrov [profile]10.02%refunded 
Germinariod [profile]10.02%refunded 
Hamlet77 [profile]10.02%refunded 
hannyug [profile]10.02%refunded 
Havannah [profile]10.02%refunded 
inovero [profile]10.02%refunded 
ioana1985 [profile]10.02%refunded 
iontzcioba [profile]10.02%refunded 
isakove [profile]10.02%refunded 
IsMiPe_4ever [profile]10.02%refunded 
IVAN_asd [profile]10.02%refunded 
Jerem123 [profile]10.02%refunded 
johnbartel12 [profile]10.02%refunded 
johnionut1982 [profile]10.02%refunded 
jrx1908 [profile]10.02%refunded 
juniorista78 [profile]10.02%refunded 
kickyourace [profile]10.02%refunded 
koligr [profile]10.02%refunded 
Kozyr25 [profile]10.02%refunded 
leoj5 [profile]10.02%refunded 
leosam18 [profile]10.02%refunded 
Lolito78 [profile]10.02%refunded 
LtdKriusho [profile]10.02%refunded 
LuckotR [profile]10.02%refunded 
Luk9000 [profile]10.02%refunded 
Luxliner [profile]10.02%refunded 
M.D.Luffy [profile]10.02%refunded 
mr.gsushi [profile]10.02%refunded 
MrMak [profile]10.02%refunded 
OneManNL [profile]10.02%refunded 
Pablo [profile]10.02%refunded 
paolojoe [profile]10.02%refunded 
parenzox [profile]10.02%refunded 
PecPokerNL [profile]10.02%refunded 
PhillipHH [profile]10.02%refunded 
prestis [profile]10.02%refunded 
quadspoker [profile]10.02%refunded 
Revelation07 [profile]10.02%refunded 
Robertcooperiii [profile]10.02%refunded 
Saaro86 [profile]10.02%refunded 
sandybois [profile]10.02%refunded 
Setregon [profile]10.02%refunded 
soon2b [profile]10.02%refunded 
sots891 [profile]10.02%refunded 
SPARTAKHUS [profile]10.02%refunded 
spes2357 [profile]10.02%refunded 
SuperDuperVol [profile]10.02%refunded 
sZRAMEK [profile]10.02%refunded 
tehecyan [profile]10.02%refunded 
Th3D0ct0r [profile]10.02%refunded 
titismo10 [profile]10.02%refunded 
TroepHero [profile]10.02%refunded 
vvxx88 [profile]10.02%refunded 
Wooba [profile]10.02%refunded 
xarunasx [profile]10.02%refunded 
Yumbara [profile]10.02%refunded 
Zigfridas18 [profile]10.02%refunded 
93/5000 sold 
Player share - diamond2012 [profile]0%Unavailable 


hannyug (almost 5 years ago - 06 Oct 2015 08:36 UTC)


SteveAAF (4 years ago - 25 Nov 2015 10:21 UTC)


Wooba (4 years ago - 22 Dec 2015 06:46 UTC)

RSV 10x Shares for $8 to send in CMU$ before start of event! GLGLGL

Wooba (4 years ago - 22 Dec 2015 06:47 UTC)

oops, sorry, wrong event….such a noob….

ZeluspaCQQ (4 years ago - 01 Jul 2016 17:06 UTC)

remove me please

diamond2012 (4 years ago - 04 Jul 2016 05:52 UTC)

admin Pls remove Zeluspac

wagnerx2000 (3 years ago - 31 Jan 2017 14:34 UTC)

remove me please

diamond2012 (3 years ago - 30 Mar 2017 10:42 UTC)

admin , please remove wagerx2000 from this event . thanks

hannyug (3 years ago - 01 Jul 2017 06:28 UTC)

remove me please

diamond2012 (about 1 year ago - 30 May 2019 07:24 UTC)

admin please remove hannyug from this event. Thanks

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