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swilliams7 - PokerStars - Deep Stack Micro Sats into Daily $27's Mixed Games

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2 PokerStars
Registered As: 3OutTrout Preview
Buyin $140 ($USD)
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Start Date: 05 Sep 2015 12:00 (EST) Preview
finished - 2 years ago
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$0.94 per share (0.50%)
price/value 134%
Shares Available? 79 (39.5%)
Shares sold 69 (34.5%)
Player share 26%
Player payment options PokerStars
Share Graph Event 151943
Event Results
Cash Winnings: $430
Winnings per share: $2.39 (inc. stakeback) Return on Investment: 154.26% (inc. stakeback)
Results Entered: 05 Sep 2015 17:31

Hi guys and gals, I'm going to have some time to play over the next month so I'm going to run an event that has lots of upside potential.  I played a $3.85 Horse deep stack turbo sat today and won my $27 entry.  I did not cash but it did spark the idea for this as there was lots of soft play in the satty.

I will play this event as triple or bust or ending Sept 30 so that it does not drag on with a target of $420 which almost all of the daily $27 mtt's pay for 1st and some much more.  I will only play mixed games as it's clearly my strongest action and I will play only deep stack sats with a buy in of $5.50 or less or rebuys with a buy in of $0.88+R or less.

When entry is won I will play the target event and when the bankroll exceeds $420 then i will close it and the winnings will be paid out.  I think 134% price value on this is very fair as I will be playing my strongest action and lots of volume.  I will keep this open until it sells out and then start right after, if it does not sell right away I will change the end date cap to 4 weeks from the start so I can guarantee a volume of atleast 25 sats.  If I do not reach 25 and the stake ends in a loss I will pay out the full cost of $0.94 per share that you paid.

Thank you for viewing my event and best of luck on the cyber felt !


Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open79 (0.5% each)39.5%open
 7939.5%unsoldEvent Complete
brooker10 [profile]115.5%paid out 
hannyug [profile]10.5%paid out 
Schabernack [profile]10.5%paid out 
SonicGeko [profile]10.5%paid out 
teppowinnipeg [profile]31.5%paid out 
vinny187 [profile]31.5%paid out 
ZBNightOwl62 [profile]21.0%paid out 
22/101 sold 
Player share - swilliams7 [profile]26%Unavailable 

Site Type Title/Description Tournament ID Placing # Players Buyin Winnings
1 +
» buy in $3.85 Won Entry Made Deal HU for $305.60
2 +
» buy in $3.85
3 +
» buy in $3.85
4 +
» buy in $3.85

swilliams7 (2 years ago - 01 Sep 2015 23:29 UTC)

I forgot to include an opr , my mixed game ROI is over 75% with 30% ITM . Here is the link

hannyug (2 years ago - 02 Sep 2015 08:21 UTC)


swilliams7 (2 years ago - 02 Sep 2015 13:59 UTC)

Thank you Hannibal

swilliams7 (2 years ago - 03 Sep 2015 20:34 UTC)

To get this filled quicker for every 10 shares you buy I’ll give you 1 for free. So if buying 10 click 11 and send payment for 10, 22 and send 20 etc etc . If you have already bought shares you can use them towards your 10 as well. Thanks guys and good luck us !

swilliams7 (2 years ago - 03 Sep 2015 23:55 UTC)

when this gets past 40% i’ll run it

swilliams7 (2 years ago - 04 Sep 2015 01:51 UTC)

I’ve decided to run this with no more push backs. It will run starting Saturday morning regardless of how much sells.

brooker10 (2 years ago - 05 Sep 2015 15:01 UTC)

Congrats on winning ticket gl sir!

hannyug (2 years ago - 05 Sep 2015 17:46 UTC)

good work~!

ZBNightOwl62 (2 years ago - 05 Sep 2015 18:32 UTC)


Schabernack (2 years ago - 05 Sep 2015 23:36 UTC)

Great job!

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