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finstiny - PokerStars - 3$ Spin and Go BR

Tournament information
2 PokerStars
Registered As: FinsTiny Preview
Buyin $30 ($USD)
Tournament ID:
Start Date: 11 Mar 2015 15:26 (EST) Preview
finished - 6 years ago
Share details
$1.20 per share (2.00%)
price/value 200%
Shares Available? 0 (0.0%)
Shares sold 50 (100.0%)
Player share 0%
Player payment options ChipMeUp $, PokerStars
Share Graph Event 147510
Event Results
Number of Players: 3
Finishing Position: 1
Cash Winnings: $9,150
Winnings per share: $183.60 (inc. stakeback) Return on Investment: 15200.00% (inc. stakeback)
Results Entered: 17 Mar 2015 11:38

50/50 profit share 


Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open0 (2.0% each)0.0%open
k_rukov [profile]50100.0%paid out 
50/50 sold 
Player share - finstiny [profile]0%Unavailable 


finstiny (6 years ago - 11 Mar 2015 01:30 UTC)

i make this event on a backer’s request
fully backed by k_rukov

playing 3$ spin and go

ayhan_fb1907 (6 years ago - 17 Mar 2015 12:18 UTC)

wow u did that?

kickyourace (6 years ago - 17 Mar 2015 14:25 UTC)

So how did that go down?

8a214 (6 years ago - 17 Mar 2015 15:22 UTC)


jimmiijimjim (6 years ago - 17 Mar 2015 22:06 UTC)

lol sure looks believable to me. Only a matter of time until the screenshot presumably.

DiscoMary (6 years ago - 17 Mar 2015 23:41 UTC)

I call Bullshit!

mathieupoker (6 years ago - 17 Mar 2015 23:44 UTC)

it’s a shame that you’d post this fake event when i would have actually bought your sng action.

finstiny (6 years ago - 18 Mar 2015 01:04 UTC)

Its shame too people accuse others without double check…sc only tracks 50% of spins

hannyug (6 years ago - 18 Mar 2015 07:23 UTC)

very simple to prove, post the hand here from your hand history and you clear your name ? it will get everyone off your back and give you full respect! think what that’s worth in terms of future events and backing/staking?

k_rukov (6 years ago - 18 Mar 2015 13:43 UTC)

Disco marry , hanny – what is the point of lying ? Why are you so concerned ?

k_rukov (6 years ago - 18 Mar 2015 14:03 UTC)

You are such a kindergarden here. If some will lie why not putting more believable amount like 500-1000$ ? Oh oh you have thought about it have u!?

teppowinnipeg (6 years ago - 18 Mar 2015 14:26 UTC)

rukov are u buying new surfboard? nice score should get decent board

hannyug (6 years ago - 18 Mar 2015 14:43 UTC)

rukov, when you stake/back anyone, don’t you ask for some info about players etc?

so, same here, we want to celebrate this epic event and just asking for confirmation (which up to now, no one has been able to provide on any tracking sites, no hand histories, no screen shots,, ,,, etc,, )

we are just doubting this , that’s all, nothing wrong with that, its called due diligence, and, once the result is proven, it gives us a clearer and firmer picture of the seller(s)/buyer(s) involved

and, as u say, what is the point in lying, obviously none, so why not remove all doubts?

k_rukov (6 years ago - 18 Mar 2015 14:44 UTC)

it is just that it feels like you are attacking him

hannyug (6 years ago - 18 Mar 2015 14:51 UTC)

not attacking, we are all just doubtful about it, that’s all, and just asking for a confirmation,, a handhistory, a screen shot? even a hem/pt4 shot?

something to show us that it was genuine,,, , is it wrong to ask someone for some proof? not sure if you have been following the shoutbox discussion, but many have been vocally sceptical of this, and very few have put it in comments here out of respect to you and to finstiny

its not difficult to prove this, but of course, at the same time, not necessary either if you don’t wish to do so,, , but, if you don’t prove it, you will always have doubters, whereas, if you prove it, you will shut everyone up and in fact, garner lots of praise and respect,,

think about it, its your choice and in your interest, as the only people to benefit from the proof will be you and finstiny, no one else has anything at all to gain,,

finstiny (6 years ago - 18 Mar 2015 15:18 UTC)

PokerStars Hand #131910470953: Tournament #1167092428, $2.82+$0.18 USD Hold’em No Limit – Level III (20/40) – 2015/03/12 14:27:14 IST [2015/03/12 4:57:14 ET]
Table ‘1167092428 1’ 3-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 2: bern6999 (380 in chips)
Seat 3: FinsTiny (1120 in chips)
bern6999: posts small blind 20
FinsTiny: posts big blind 40

    Dealt to FinsTiny [Kc Qs]
    bern6999: raises 340 to 380 and is all-in
    FinsTiny: calls 340
  • FLOP * [Ah Kd 4d]
  • TURN * [Ah Kd 4d] [Jc]
  • RIVER * [Ah Kd 4d Jc] [8d]
    FinsTiny: shows [Kc Qs] (a pair of Kings)
    bern6999: shows [6s 6c] (a pair of Sixes)
    FinsTiny collected 760 from pot
    bern6999 finished the tournament in 2nd place and received $900.00.
    FinsTiny wins the tournament and receives $9000.00 – congratulations!
    Total pot 760 | Rake 0
    Board [Ah Kd 4d Jc 8d]
    Seat 2: bern6999 (button) (small blind) showed [6s 6c] and lost with a pair of Sixes
    Seat 3: FinsTiny (big blind) showed [Kc Qs] and won (760) with a pair of Kings

jutteman (6 years ago - 18 Mar 2015 16:44 UTC)

Booom, congrats!

Harp221122 (6 years ago - 18 Mar 2015 17:41 UTC)

Also as further confirmation, FinsTiny has sent me a player audit showing the win for $9,000

Congrats, and hopefully this can be put to bed now as a great score.

In the future, it takes the same amount of time to message me or admin to ask us to verify a score as it does to post in the event that it is a scam/fake/bullshit/joke/etc.

Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not

hateraises (6 years ago - 18 Mar 2015 17:59 UTC)


funpoker85 (6 years ago - 18 Mar 2015 18:26 UTC)

gz nice one

choputo (6 years ago - 19 Mar 2015 04:21 UTC)

Egg meet face lol

wizzadd (6 years ago - 19 Mar 2015 07:20 UTC)

Finstiny, congrats dude! Great score! Yes, I was one of the doubters altho I did not publicly say so, so please accept my apology from what I was thinking. Now let’s all just get along :)

hannyug (6 years ago - 19 Mar 2015 09:58 UTC)

awesome!!! (sorry about your backer getting banned here)

hope you keep binking like this!

finstiny (6 years ago - 19 Mar 2015 14:41 UTC)

Thanks all guys..

seedcleanerz (6 years ago - 23 Mar 2015 21:48 UTC)

I want in on next event

jimmiijimjim (6 years ago - 25 Mar 2015 09:59 UTC)

Nice score congrats!!

TryABluffPLS (6 years ago - 25 Mar 2015 18:46 UTC)


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