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stninja - PokerStars - SUNDAY MTT NINJA COMBO

Tournament information
2 PokerStars
Registered As: stninja Preview
Buyin $297 ($USD)
Approx first prize: $210,000
Tournament ID:
Start Date: 10 Aug 2014 21:14 (EST) Preview
finished - 6 years ago
Share details
$1.90 per share (0.50%)
price/value 128%
Shares Available? 57 (28.5%)
Shares sold 63 (31.5%)
Player share 40%
Potential winnings per $1.90 share $1,050
Player payment options ChipMeUp $, PokerStars
Share Graph Event 141569
Event Results
Cash Winnings: $27
Winnings per share: $0.17 (inc. stakeback) Return on Investment: -91.05% (inc. stakeback)
Results Entered: 11 Aug 2014 00:58

STNINJA is  BACK on CMU    ..and Sharper Than Ever 

  CMU MEMBER SINCE 2009 ---> 5 YEARS  


 +EV (ROI FOR 2014 IS NOW +85%, 2013 was +54%) 


Check my Current LIVE PokerProLabs Graph Below.....


My story:

I've been a busy little Entrepreneur working 15 hour days over the last 9 months.... BUT NOW IT'S POKER TIME

I have continued to study poker, I love that the game is always evolving.

But now  I'M BACK  and  BETTER THAN EVER  after working hard for 9 months on my latest Entrepreneurial venture, I have a couple of months break to get back into MTTs.


My Results:

My last online poker stint was over Sep 2013 when I had a couple of months of work

Here's some results from my last poker stint (SEP 2013):

3rd Sept. 2013 - 1st / 159 - Pokerstars - NL Omaha 5Card Turbo = Prize $343

4th Sept. 2013 - 3rd / 1443 - PStars:  NLHE $8.80+ Turbo  = Prize $4,436

5th Sept. 2013 - 1st / 837 - PStars: NLHE $5.10 Hyper = Prize $785

10th Sept. 2013 - 1st / 33 - FullTilt - NLHE $11+ = Prize $268

15th Sept. 2013 - 913th / 9394 - PStars: WCOOP-22 NLHE $215 = Prize $394

29th Sept. 2013 - 3rd / 199 - PStars - PLO 6max $4.40+ = Prize $376

Now that I again have some more time (June-August) to get back into my poker... I'm back on ChipMeUp to list events and buy shares.

Here's some recent results (Hit 3 final tables on my first full day back).. .

11th June. 2014 - 5th / 406 - PStars:  NLO H/L $2.20+R Turbo  = Prize $230

11th June. 2014 - 4th / 816 - PStars:  NLO $1.10+R Turbo  = Prize $389

11th June. 2014 - 5th / 36 - PStars:  NLO H/L $5.50+R Turbo  = Prize $60

13th June. 2014 - 9th / 1599 - PStars:  NLH $16.50  = Prize $239

14th June. 2014 - 2nd / 191 - PStars:  PLO $4.40  = Prize $118

16th June. 2014 - 6th / 319 - PStars:  PLO $11 = Prize $140

16th June. 2014 - 1st / 63 - PStars: NLO H/L $4.40 = Prize $140

10th July 2014 - 1st / 62 - PStars: FLO H/L $4.40 = Prize $194

 27th July 2014 - 48th / 57886 - PStars: NLHE MicroMillions 1M GTD $22 = Prize $1505 

(was so close to making final table in a field of 57,000+ entrants... bad beat to the rails... FT payouts were $10k - $100k. Top prize 100k+)

4th Aug. 2014 - 7th / 310 - PStars: PLO H/L $3.30 = Prize $32

6th Aug. 2014 - 1st / 544 - PStars: NLO H/L $1.50 = Prize $142

6th Aug. 2014 - 5th / 410 - PStars NLO H/L 2.20+R = Prize $219 



 mtt combo - $82 NLO H/L SKO & $215 SUNDAY Million 

My shareholders are more than welcome to ask me about any previously played hand they see me play after play has finished. 


Btw, I like to give bonuses to my supporters so....



Please check out my stats links below...


STNINJA - PokerProLabs 2014 Stats (PStars) 2013 & 2014 rated  ACE & 5 STARS   (best possible MTT rating)

STNINJA - OPR Stats (PStars) 2013 OPR Rating is  97.35% 


BIG CMU SCORE COMING SOON.... You've been warned ; )


Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open57 (0.5% each)28.5%open
 5728.5%unsoldEvent Complete
2011WINNER [profile]10.5%paid out 
Aikon [profile]2110.5%paid out 
apocaylpse [profile]10.5%paid out 
Luckbox1608 [profile]105.0%paid out 
MDMWINS [profile]105.0%paid out 
NICEEND [profile]10.5%paid out 
RlseTheKraken [profile]10.5%paid out 
Solskjaer [profile]52.5%paid out 
SonicGeko [profile]10.5%paid out 
tally49 [profile]10.5%paid out 
ZBNightOwl62 [profile]10.5%paid out 
53/110 sold 
Player share - stninja [profile]40%Unavailable 

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stninja (6 years ago - 09 Aug 2014 11:32 UTC)

The last $215 NLH MTT I played I cashed ….
15th Sept. 2013 – 913th / 9394 – PStars: WCOOP-22 NLHE $215 = Prize $394

stninja (6 years ago - 09 Aug 2014 16:03 UTC)

C’mon guys, selling slower than i thought…
Just came 2nd in a $2.20+R 3xTurbo for $475, increasing my ROI for 2014 to +94%… THIS IS A GOOD +EV SPOT ;)

stninja (6 years ago - 10 Aug 2014 11:16 UTC)

Since Listing this Event a couple days ago, I’ve had a few more ITMs…..

7th Aug. 2014 – 87th / 5702 – PStars: The Big 5.50 = Prize $36

7th Aug. 2014 – 2nd / 114 – PStars: NL Courchevel H/L 5.50 = Prize $88

9th Aug. 2014 – 2nd / 319 – PStars: NLO H/L 2.20+R 3xTurbo = Prize $475

Get Involved ;)

stninja (6 years ago - 10 Aug 2014 12:35 UTC)

I have now sold a “reasonable” amount so YES


RlseTheKraken (6 years ago - 10 Aug 2014 13:24 UTC)


stninja (6 years ago - 10 Aug 2014 14:08 UTC)

LOL thx for the stakes guys and cheers to RlseTheKraken for actually releasing the puppies!

stninja (6 years ago - 10 Aug 2014 14:18 UTC)

I am registered on Stars for both MTTs — preparing to make u all rich

stninja (6 years ago - 10 Aug 2014 14:58 UTC)

I adjusted the event start time so it commences 5 minutes before the 1st MTT

stninja (6 years ago - 10 Aug 2014 17:45 UTC)

Ok guys semi-bluff shoved the turn with a wrap and over pair on a paired board vs 1 opp btn pf raiser. Had QJJ9 on board of 88T3 in the NLO and busted out. I’m not entirely happy with my play as there are better spots to go to war, although should be getting decent fold equity vs his range. ANYWAY I’m feeling generous, unsatisfied and confident enough to throw in a DECENT BONUS MTT to make up for my over zealous play …

Regging NOW for $27 NLO H/L SKO !! as per normal all KOs will be included…. Take 2!

stninja (6 years ago - 10 Aug 2014 17:52 UTC)

OK so after that bad news, the GOOD news is that now in the $27 NLO I quickly doubled up scooped with ace high flush, then KO’d the same opponent the very next hand flopping trips get a KO of 9.19 and move into 4th position…

I’m dangerous in NLO H/L with a big stack … so watch out…

As I’m writing this I just Ko’d another… for 12.25 KO

SonicGeko (6 years ago - 10 Aug 2014 18:04 UTC)

go go go !!!!

stninja (6 years ago - 10 Aug 2014 20:19 UTC)

Ok so busted out of the 27 NLO8 SKO with 27 in bounties… And now my focus is on the Sunday Milly where I have an above average stack of 15K.

Very early stages but this is THE BIG ONE, the chance of a BIG SCORE so with a touch of luck we can go mega DEEP ;)

stninja (6 years ago - 10 Aug 2014 23:13 UTC)

Was going pretty good in the Milly for first 3 hours, no major shocks, just a steady and slow collection of small pots… at one stage a couple of small-mid pots took some shine of my growing stack…

After my stack fell below the avg. stack.. I pick up AJ in the HJ and made my standard 2.15xBB raise.. folds to BB who 3bet shoves his A8 suited.. I call, he’s dominated but gets lucky to devastate my stack.

Then I’m instantly in push/fold territory.. less then 10BB.. I then double up with A3 in BB calling SB’s shove with KQ…

Then next hand I 3bet shove a top 15% pf hand hand which steals against HJ pf raiser.

A little while after that I 3bet shove KQ < TT – which busts me out :(

Lasted almost 3.5 hours… Busting out in 2974 of 7102.. Definitely very disappointing and unfortunate, I think I played decent for the most part, however a few of my lines I don’t love and I’m working on minimising my occasional non-optimum bet sizings. I’m quite aware of various factors that can and should influence bet sizings…like repping a range/protecting made hands and protecting my hand ranges/board texture/bluffing and range construction of opponents. As well as taking into account their tendencies. I regularly try to improve on these areas so I can achieve things like:
-getting the same or more fold equity while risking less chips
-getting value bets called more
-using a bluff raise/bluff bet to fold opponents a higher %
-representing a hand, recognizing players who float flops, steal/3bet light, raising turns/double&triple barrels and deceptive smaller value bets to get better air to fold a likely missed draw on the river
-balancing bluffs with actual equity (semi-bluffing)
-getting maximum value from opponents range
-managing table image and being aware of how that will affect opponents tendencies towards you

I also don’t love my final hand, the 3bet shove with KQ, although I don’t hate it either because I can get a bunch of better hands to fold such as small pairs/Ax/KT/JQ and I can’t get bet off the hand by someone that will shove but not call. The factors that caused me to not love this and prefer a fold here are:
-I still had 20BB and thus more time to find a better spot
-Pf min-raiser (8 seated) was UTG+1, I was next to act so a few more players to act behind
-Put tourney life at risk

I prefer fold here, calling prob isn’t the worst either but I feel it may be spewy vs small pair that shoves a bunch of flops. If I call and it’s folded around I play the hand post flop in position, but in this case it just lets him shove 1st as he has backup chips and can count on that I won’t hit 2/3rds of flops with a non-made hand.

Since busting I’ve been analysing all hands where I didn’t think my lines were optimal and re-evaluating.

Anyway guys I’m going to throw in TWO MORE BONUS MTTS because I didn’t think I played 100% to the best of my ability…

Registering NOW
$9.90 NLH Turbo, Only Final Table Paid $2.5K GTD 946399114
The Big $4.40 20K GTD 946398975

stninja (6 years ago - 10 Aug 2014 23:18 UTC)

I late regged both and straight away action..

1st Hand The Big 4.40 AK suited I 3 bet shove from late pos and double up > QQ
3rd Hand I get AA and within a couple minutes went from 3K to 9K

stninja (6 years ago - 11 Aug 2014 00:26 UTC)

The 9.90 is busted…
My stack gets sliced after I open 66 w/ std raise from CO, BB 3bet shoves A9 off, he hits an ace
Left with microstack of about 5BB.. some UTG open shoves can’t call.. wake up in BB having to play any 2… it’s AT.. UTG shoves just under 5BB with K4, hits 4 to almost send me packing with less than a BB and I’m forced allin next hand in SB vs 77 & 99 which sends me to the rails.

The Big 4.40 is going better… playing well..
My stack is 20K / Avg. stack is 14K
1470 remain, 990 get paid, top prize $4.5K

Still a glimmer of hope.. I don’t like to loose so I’m paying from my own pocket and giving this my all to try get your investment back and then some

Whatever the case, I hope you’ll continue to support my events so I can continue taking more stabs at the big scores

stninja (6 years ago - 11 Aug 2014 00:56 UTC)

Busted The Big 4.40, the last hand of the event was open min raised pf by HJ, btn calls, I call from BB. Then check raised allin on flop with nut flush draw, backdoor straight draw and an ace overcard.. on
2Q6 flop after initial pf raiser checks to btn who fires a small bet……

Sad to say it’s game over. I’ll finalize the payments shortly and post here when complete.

Thanks again for your support and I hope we can try again soon

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